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-Are We Standing On Holy Ground?

Posted by Scott on August 30, 2007


  I pose that question for a reason.  When Moses went before God in the mountains, the angels instructed Moses to take off his shoes because he was standing on “holy” ground.  What made that ground holy?  Well, that is obvious; it was the presence of a holy God that made the ground holy.Now, the questions of whether the ground we are standing is holy or not has to do with whether we believe God dwells within us or not.  If God is with us as believers all the time then the ground we are standing on must be holy.  It is not holy because we are there, but because God is there.

If we as dads sat down in our living rooms to tell the kids a bible story and they are before you on the floor, would this not be setting on holy ground?  I ask this question to help us as dads to think deeper as we seek out God in our lives and the deeper realtionship we desire. 

 If we have God in our lives with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit then should we not live as though God is in us?  Too much of our Christian life is lived as though we can put God in a closet when we want and then carry Him with us when we want.  Unfortunately, for the masses we drag Him into our sinful activities everyday.  This is how the world views Christianity.  This is why the term “hypocrite” has been made synonymous with Christians.  We have failed to take God serious in our daily lives thus showing the world that our God seemingly has no power or influence.  It is that “sham” Christianity that is prevelant in the world today.

  “This is one of the most biblically illiterate generations to exist since Christ walked on this earth.”

Why are we living in a biblically illiterate generation?  Could it be that we as parents are not teaching our children the word of God?  We opt for sports, school, a formal education based on secular points of view rather than biblical points of view, dating, movies, or just plainly our own pleasures.  Think back over the past two weeks and ask yourself how many times you have spoken about a biblical point of view on anything?  I have to do the same pondering and at times it can be hard to remember the last time.  Shame on me for not making this a daily priority in my own life.  Everything in this life is to glorify God and prepare us for an eternity of worshipping Jesus, however, we live as though this life on earth is all the life there will be.

Now, if we want to see our world change in a God glorifying manner, then we must prepare a generation of young people that knows the scriptures inside and out.  Breath the word of God on our kids, speak it to them, write it on everything you give to them, above the door post, on the walls, give your home a smell of the presence of God.  Parents we are going to make mistakes no doubt.  Our lives are a constant struggle because we are human, but we must take the battle to the enemy.  In order to take back our lives for the cause of Christ it must start with the word of God and teaching that to our children.  Dig in deep and ask God to give you that desire for Him that you once had, so you can forward that on to your kids.

Scott Bailey © 2007

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-Is Christianity A Turnoff to You…Part One?

Posted by Scott on August 29, 2007


My guess is that the majority of folks would answer “Yes” to this question.  This was not Christ intentions in the beginning at all.  Nor was it the Apostles goal either.  For people to be turned off by Christianity is not a great success.  So, let’s explore for a moment what authentic or true Christianity should be in part one.

As 2 Corinthians 2:14 tells us:

“Thanks be to God, Who always leads us in triumphal procession in Christ and through us spreads everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of Him.”

Ray Stedman has said in his classic bestselling book, Authentic Christianity,

“One unmistakable evidence of radical Christianity is a spirit of thankfulness, even amid trial and difficulty.  It is a kind of unquenchable optimism.”

If we are authentic in our Christian life a few characteristics are visible to people.

•1.     Belief in God’s full sovereign control of all things, His unfailing grace, and constant love for His people.

•2.     The kind of optimism Ray describes is rooted in reality not fantasy or dreams.

•3.     Authentic Christianity can feel every pain, every hurt, every poke and realize that we do not find it fun at all or easy to experience.

•4.     The real Christian, however, can see through all this pain and turmoil to a more gloriously final result.  A true Christian is able to visualize what this pain is accomplishing in us.  It is all for God’s greater glory.

•5.     It exudes a tremendous amount of confidence in our Lord to the point that one can be thankful to Him even in the midst of turmoil and pain that feels as though our insides will explode.  A real Christian understands that nothing happens to us by chance or accident.  God is in full control of it all and has a purpose for the pain and turmoil.

A record of such confidence is in Acts 16 where Paul and Silas are imprisoned, bound by chains.  Their backs ripped apart from a beating and bruises swell into knots on their heads and limbs.  As they sat in the dark smelly cold jail cell they broke out into a worshipful song.  They are praising their God for this opportunity to suffer for Him.  Out of the darkness and quiet of the night something amazing happens.  This amazing turn of events was not known by these two men as they broke out in song, but their confidence was upheld by a massive earthquake that tore down walls, opened their cell door and loosened their chains.  How many Christians today would see being chained, flogged and in jail something to worship about?  How many could truthfully rejoice about an earthquake that rocks their home or family?  Real joy must have filled their hearts at the moment they realized they were safe and free. 

One thing we can conclude from this is that Christianity has changed over the years to look more like an unfaithful, non-trusting, scarred, stale, mundane, lifeless, and weak institution of a religion that seemingly offers nothing for a non-believer or the world at large.  The worlds view of our God is by what they see in our lives.

As Ray Stedman has poetically put it, “…the most subtle stratagem ever devised by satan to deceive and mislead people is that of causing genuine Christians to practice a sham Christianity before the world.”

 Christ example would be a group of people filled with real love and joy even in the midst of troubles.  This does not mean “dumbing” down the truth of God’s word or going against any biblical truth.  But if people cannot see an authentic love from us for them our Christianity means nothing. An authentic love that does not look at their outward actions, appearance, or words, but shows loving eyes that peers deep into their heart and deep into their inward responses.  Let God be the judge of their sins and our sins and allow Christ to love them through us.  Remember the only real distinction between a non-believer and a believer is that we have Christ.  We are not any better or worse.  We can point them in the right direction and can have a great influence on them, but not unless we are able to get them to listen to us.  How will they listen to us you might say….by shutting our mouths and listening to them first.  They need to see our actions from our heart as genuine and real.  Wrathful, hatefield words from us is not attractive.  It will not open their hearts in order to receive the truth of God’s holy word.  Our political conscience should not get in the way of the love we should have for them or how we respond to those that do not know Christ.  Put the judgmental, high toned, prideful speech aside.   We need to look no further than Jesus Himself to see what we as Christians are to look like. 

“…move beyond religion, beyond doctrines, beyond rules, beyond rituals, and into that life-changing experience of being intimately connected with Christ at the very core of your being-for that is authentic Christianity!”

Ray C. Stedman

Scott Bailey 2007 ©

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-Who Do We Admire Most?

Posted by Scott on August 25, 2007

rock_cross.jpg If this world is not a Christians true home then how is it that so much of the worldly ways are common amoung the Christian family?   Heaven is our true home and to be the desire of our hearts.  Recently, I sat down with most of my ten children in the family room to ask them a few questions.  I am proud of my kids to say the least, but here is some of the questions and answers they gave.

-Define what True Greatness means to you!

*A great athlete *Grace of our President *A humble person

-Who do you think your mother and I most admire?

*God *Jesus Christ *Ray Stedman *Pastor Chuck Swindall of Stonebriar Community Church *Our Parents *John Wayne *President Ronald Reagan, President George W. Bush, President Teddy Roosevelt *George Mueller *Billy Graham *John Piper *Sir Winston Churchill *Corie Ten Boom *Beth Moore

-Who do you kids most admire?

*God *Jesus Christ *Parents (Us) *President Bush *John Wayne *Grand-Parents *Their Youth Pastors Jason Stevenson & David Ake @ Stonebriar Community Church *Their Childrens Pastors Gary & Joe *Heather S. @ Stonebriar Community Church *Pastor Chuck Swindall of Stonebriar Community Church *Corie Ten Boom *Jim Elliott *Nate Saint

-Why do you think Mom & Dad most admire these people?

*Godly influence *Jesus is our Lord and Savior *God loves us

*Their faith

*John Wayne was an American Patriot and strong man that believed in doing what was right no matter what.  He never backed down from a fight.

 *Corie Ten Boom’s tremendous faith and strength throughout her life.  She did not waiver in her belief that God would see her through that Nazi concentration camp.

*These people helped others.  *Humble *Unconditional love for others.

-Who do you think people in our society most admires and why?

*Pro Athletes:  because they are famous and have lots of money.  They are seen on TV all the time.

*Actors/Singers:  because of their fame and money.  People think they have achieved true greatness.  Hair styles, clothes, looks, etc.

*Authors/Writers:  Famous novels and money.

*Historical Figures like great Presidents and people that paved the way for others:  influence and spoke out for those who agreed with them and was willing to speak out.

After we had completed the questions and discussed the differences in the way a Christian should view greatness and how the world defines greatness it was obvious to them that true greatness according to our Lord is those humble servants that many times are not really known by anyone or did not have any material things.  Those that He knew would change, but the world hated.  The people that work silently behind the scenes at church and other ministries and never seek to push themselves to the top or head of the table. 

The truly great people are not the athletes for their athletic ability or money….it is what is in their heart of hearts that should be drawn out that makes them great and frankly, I do not see many that are great today.  Materialistic people are admired in our culture today.  The more toys, houses, money, and cars you have is how the world defines greatness today.  I am not opposed to things that other people have.  I hope they can enjoy them and use them for God’s glory.  I hate things in my life that takes over and replaces my deep love for Christ.  I love athletics, singers, authors and the like, but I cannot hold them up as the symbol of greatness…yes they are successful, but that is not to be confused with true biblical greatness….they are not one in the same.  Remember God abhores the proud and shows grace on the humble.

Our goal as parents for these beautiful and talented 10 children of ours is celebrate the achievements of those who show humbleness and servanthood.  Celebrate the good deeds done each day and frown on the materialistic thinking and selfish ways.  I think it is our job as the parents to show our children the difference, by the way mom and dad live and who we admire.

A Our daily challenge is to try to identify evidences of God’s grace in others.  To encourage and serve others as much as possible and then some.  Make sure our responses to trials are humble as to set forth a Godly fragrance before the world (2 Cor 2:15-16)

-Scott Bailey (c) 2007

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-Recommended Book For Dads & Boys!

Posted by Scott on August 22, 2007


This will be short and sweet.  I have read through a book that I think is wonderful.  I am not endorsing every single thing in the book, but overall it is a great book for boys to read.  The book I am speaking about is, “The Dangerous Book for Boys”, by Conn & Hal Iggulden. It is a great book that teaches boys about nearly everything they need to know to go about their daily lives.  Stories of courage, how to tie different knots, how to build a proper tree house, and much more.  Enjoy this read along with your boys and put some of the experiments and activities to action.

-Scott Bailey (c) 2007

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-Dads Reminder to Moms About Our Boys, Part One!

Posted by Scott on August 22, 2007

toad boy

What Mothers Need to Know About Their Boys:

  1. Boys are very forgetful.  They need a mother to help them remember many things such as to wear socks, underwear, brush their teeth, etc.  Now this does not mean for moms to “nag”, but gently remind them more than once of those things. 
  •     There is nothing like getting to church and looking down to see your 9 year old not wearing socks under his khaki pants, because he forgot or because I only told him to put his shoes on,  I never said socks. 

2.   When boys reach the age of young manhood around 10 yrs old, they will began to pull away from mom more as they yearn to be more independent.  This in no way indicates that the boys love their moms less, but they are not nearly as huggy and kissy and do not need mom to hold their hand while crossing the parking lot anymore…that becomes embarrassing to them at this point. 

  •       I got a very cold shoulder from my 13 yr old when I tried to hug him before he got on a bus bound for Colorado with a church group.  He hugs me plenty in our home, but that is where it stays.  But, my 7 yr old, Ben, has to hug me everyday at least 10 times.  “I don’t think I have hugged you enough yet, Mom.” 

3.  Boys are created wild at heart.  They want adventure in every aspect of daily life, they enjoy an enemy to fight and defeat, a damsel in distress, weapons for battle to help secure their territory and the territory of those in distress…they desire to be that “knight in shining armor”.  This may cause splinters in hands or bruises on the forehead, but rest assure they will heal.  Boys scars are like his trophies….let him get a little scarred up in life. 

  •     I will never forget our summer vacation a few years ago.  We rented a house in Silverton CO for a week.  This quaint little tourist town was perfectly set right in the middle of the mountains.  Our house backed up to one of those mountains, so you know what my boys did all week.  One day, we took a walk through town where they boys found some play rifles at a toy store.  Now that mountain became San Juan Hill and they were the Rough Riders, conquering the Spaniards.  I watched countless times from the back door as they would run up the side of the mountain. Then one of the younger boys would trip & fall and come tumbling down.  He would get up pull the grass out of his mouth and run back up.  His story to me would be, “Did you see me roll down that big mountain?  That was cool!” 

4.  Boys like to pickup any strange looking creature they come across.  This includes, but is not limited to, snakes, frogs, spiders, worms, lizards, insects, caterpillars, mice, rats, and the such.  Most of these will end up in the pants pockets of the boys…. from a boys prospective, what are pockets for?  So, always look through boys pockets before washing those pants. 

  • This is great advice.  I still remember looking in the washing machine and reaching in to pick up what I I thought was a leaf.  It turned out to be a lizard, with no eyes & all shriveled up!  I don’t know if it went in the washing machine alive or not, but it didn’t survive! 

5.  Boys like things that move fast, make loud noises, and fly high in the air.  Do not be shocked if your boy wants to go faster, higher, and make a louder noise….this is just simply a fascinating challenge to any real boy. 

  •   Occasionally my mother or my mother in law will come and get some of the boys for a few days.  It is always a nice rest when they take some boys.  The house is quiet.  But it just isn’t right until they get back home & the noise level returns to LOUD.  Boy noise is different than girl noise.  It is a wild and masculine noise. 

 6.  Boys enjoy being thought of as “handy” around the home.  Mom should ask him to help her if at all possible with opening a jar, taking out the trash, feeding the animals, mowing the yard, hammering in nails for pictures (be careful with this one), gluing something back together and anything like this.  Boys take great pride in knowing that mom thinks he is big enough to handle tougher and tougher jobs….a sign that he is “growing up”.

  •  The best way to keep our sons out of trouble is to keep them busy.  Josh just got back from spending 4 days with my parents.  My dad kept him plenty busy with little odd jobs and Josh had a great time.  He felt very useful, needed and grown up.  Our 5 yr old can unload a dishwasher faster than his 12 yr old sister.  He is learning the reward of self satisfaction.

 7.  Boys need heroes to emulate.  Great men that rescued ladies in distress, always ended up winning in the end, were the good guys, fought mighty when in battle, were brave and heroic, men of strong faith that did not back down from the biblical truths, missionaries that took great risk in order to share Christ with a particular tribe, cowboys of the old west, military greats, and so on.  Even fathers and grandfathers can be placed in this category if he is involved in the boys life. 

  • My husband loves to read about dead people.  He loves reading their life story and learning from their faith in God or from their mistakes.  Then, he shares this with the rest of us. When he is studying about someone in the Bible and he gets excited about them he will ask you, “Did you know____?” and then proceed to tell us what he has learned.  He has created a hunger in his boys to know more about the hero’s in the Scriptures.  He is our boys’ hero because they know that Jesus Christ is his hero.

By Scott & Dana Bailey (c) 2007

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-Thirsting For God In Trouble Times!

Posted by Scott on August 21, 2007

“Each day the Lord pours his unfailing love upon me, and through each night I sing His songs, praying to God who gives me life.”        Psalm 42:8  (NLT)

Looking through several translations of this one verse gives a clear picture that our God loves us and pours out His love upon us especially in times of trial.  The hard thing for us to experience is embracing that love to a greater depth…a depth that can feel God’s breath on our neck when we think He is not there, a depth of love that can see the sparkling rays of God’s eyes as He watches over us and the depth of love that quinches our thirst from His well of life as we think we are about to die.  We all say that we know He loves us, but do we really seek out that kind of love from God on a daily basis.  As David was going through extremely rough periods of time in his life he always seemed to have a song in his heart about the Lord’s unfailing love.  It was as though he and our Lord were face to face, breath to breath, and eye to eye, with God’s large hand on David’s shoulders.  What a relationship, huh!

God is the life giver for each us.  Through financially troubling times, He feeds us and clothes us.  During health issues, He is the one who holds us up and gets us through each day.  When our enemies charge after us, He is the one that holds the shield up before us to block their vicious blows.  When it comes time to die, He is the one that will be lifting us into heaven and welcoming us on the other side.  So, no matter what the trouble is, God’s unfailing love surrounds us and will pierce through us to depths of our heart we did not know we had.

When going to sleep at night think about God’s love and any way that He may have shown that love throughout the day and thank Him for that.  First thing in the morning, begin by thanking God for another day and for a love that will surround you all day long.  Wouldn’t you like to throw off the “churchy” way that we experience God?  The kind of relationship that can rest in God’s arm and experience the breath, the eyes, and the life that God  can give is the one I want to have…how ’bout you?

Scott Bailey (c) 2007

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-More is Caught Than Taught!

Posted by Scott on August 20, 2007


In a world that views formal education on all levels as the end all of everything brings to mind a great quote that rings with even more truth today than ever before is, “More is caught than is taught”…by Dr. Howard Hendricks of Dallas Theological Seminary.

What that means is that we as parents and/or mentors will do more of our teaching by the life we live as others observe our life rather than the books we teach from other than God’s word.  For example, if you want the kids to learn about responsible money management, then we as the parents must live that out before them as best we can.  If the kids see us watching trash on TV, then I will guarantee you the kids will not see anything wrong with watching even worse trash.  A question of great importance is do the kids see us dads praying by ourselves ever or reading our Bible?   I think we all get the drift here. 

So, we as dads and/or mentors, especially,  need to remember that as we go throughout our day those little ears are listening and those little eyes are watching our every move, so, let’s make sure they catch us showing them the right way to live.

Jesus said regarding the children,  “…for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these.”

-Scott Bailey (C) 2007

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-From A Dad-A Challenge: Raise A Warrior for Christ!

Posted by Scott on August 10, 2007


A Challenge:  Raise A Warrior For Christ!

“Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, so are the children of one’s youth”
–Psalm 127:4

You may be thinking right now that I am crazy for using Spartan Warrior within Christianity, but read the entire piece before passing judgment.  Spartan Warriors were fierce fighters.  They would fight to the death for their family, king, and kingdom.  They were ruthless and unconventional in their process and training.  However, my research on Spartan Warriors turned up better qualities for these fighters that many of us as Christian men need to pay attention to. These warriors were trained from the very young age of 7 to be fierce in battle.  The meaning of Spartan is to be “totally devoted to one cause, self-deprived or stripped down to nothing, but the bare essentials, undoubting and courageous”.  They were trained to give their lives without hesitation.  These warriors did not think anything about danger and always expected to win or die trying to win.  These were dreaded men in battle. 

 Gentlemen, I am here to inform you that if you did not know this before now, we are in the battle of our lives and the lives of our families…time to wake-up!  I am afraid that unless we as Christian fathers do not began to train our young men to be like these Spartan Warriors, the future looks very dim.  We need to be training up our boys to be fierce when in battle and this battle takes place daily.  Young men that will not back down from authority that makes rulings in direct conflict with the scriptures.  We need young men that do not mind being ridiculed when they stand up for the under-dog or under-privileged or as they share the gospel to a neighbor or friend.  In some cases this may mean taking up arms to defend our nation and our families from the enemies abroad or even within our midst.  On a daily basis, we need to equip these young fighters with the Truth of God’s Holy Word above all else… God’s Holy Word is not found in the Koran! 

Within the pages of the Bible are many fierce warriors who fought bravely like King David as one example.  The Lord helped him fight with full control of himself and bravely.  David fought mightily with the hand of God on his life…”And David became greater and greater, for the Lord God of hosts was with him.”  2 Samuel 5:10 (NAS)  He as a warrior for the Kingdom of God and Spartan Warriors in ancient Greece were courageous and self-sacrificing.  The crusade I am speaking of today is for the minds and hearts of our young people.  Many Christians have already given up this crusade long ago and have decided to just blend in with the rest of the world in order to have peace.  They may go to church and bible study, but nothing  is different in their lives or the lives of their kids.  We have bought into the society belief that we can be immersed in the life style of the world and still maintain an effective evangelical witness. 

 Titus 2:12(NIV) says, “It teaches us to say “No” to ungodliness and worldly passions, and to live self-controlled, upright and godly lives in this present age…”  In John 15:9(NIV)  it states, “If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you.”   

Just hoping our kids will turn out alright is not the answer.  Our adversary, Satan, would like nothing else than for parents to take this approach.  Of course by the grace of God some do turn out alright and frankly that is how we all turn out alright. However, these kids are placed in our hands for a short time for training and preparation for the future and we do not want to let them down if at all possible.  The battle for the heart and mind of our children today include homosexuality, pornography, drunkenness, illegal drug usage, over eating, moral relativism, unfaithfulness, theft, lying, and so on.  This corruptness is being taught in nearly every public forum and institution in America as being “right”.  Our children are being taught that there is no sin and there is no right or wrong.  Their cry is that we all need to be more tolerant of each other.  They are taught that Adam can marry Robert and Eve can marry Laura and it is “ok”.  The truth is that homosexuality is sin and it is not “ok”.  This sin is as forgivable as over eating, as is drunkenness and so on. Glory to God that they are forgivable, but I do not want this deviant trash taught to my children and grandchildren as being “ok”.  Pornography is down played as just a natural thing that men and women desire and it is “ok”.  Christian men are not immune to this.  Men it is not “ok” even in the privacy of your own home.  What we put in our minds has a direct impact on what comes out of our life each day.  Much of the violence against women today stems from pornography.  If this kind of trash goes into the mind then I can guarantee you that vile trash will come out in some form of your life.  Drunkenness is very accepted these days as well, although it is nothing new to the ages.  Drunkenness is mind altering and you will do and say things that will not honor God in any way and will bring shame upon your family. 

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Psalm 23:33 says about too much wine, “Your eyes will see strange things, and your mind will utter perverse things.” 

God has always spoken out against drunkenness in His Word.  I said here, “drunkenness”, not a glass of wine at dinner…I just wanted to clarify that.  A trendy activity nowadays is to go to church on Sunday and raise your hands and sing in what is perceived to be praising and worshipping God.  Then the rest of the week live as you wish and on the weekend get stumbling drunk with your buddies and come to church on Sunday to be holy again.  Is this truly grace in action?  What a mockery to the glory of Jesus Christ!  Does this show a deep love for our Savior?  Does raising our hands to the “bouncy” music in the churches today that stirs up the emotions really make us spiritual and holy?  I am not attacking praise worship music entirely, but in observing the true impact of this movement that has forgotten the testimony of the hymns of old, I have witnessed people actually growing more vile in their lives rather than a closeness to the Lord as the music stirs up emotions rather than a deep seeded devotion to worshipping Christ in the music and message of the pastor. 

Men, take a hard look into your heart….is that burning desire to know Jesus and love Jesus really there?  What is your reason for going to church or reading your Bible?  Another hot trend within the world today is embracing the Muslim or Hindu or Buddhism religion as another way to heaven…that we should be tolerant.  We are told that there are many ways to God. 

 Matthew 7:13-14 speaks of those broad roads and narrow gates, “Enter by the narrow gate, for the gate is wide, and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and many are those who enter by it.  For the gate is small, and the way is narrow that leads to life, and few are those who find it.” 

We are taught to believe they should have equal access to the minds of our children, our culture, and we should move over for their ways and embrace their teachings.  I will make this statement as clear as I can, men, NO ONE has the right to access the mind and heart of my children other than God Himself.  God gave those children to me and my wife to love, nurture, train and protect.  The liberal left does not have the right to them, the Communist left wingers do not have a right to them, the Muslims, Hindu’s, or Buddhist do not have rights to them, the homosexuals do not have rights to them or the legalist within the church today do not have the rights to them, or any other kind of evil that permeates this dark world we live in today.  If I sound a bit combative in this, I am combative.  This is no powder puff football game we are in, people. 

So, I am declaring today that we must start raising our sons ,as the Spartan Warriors of the 21st century, that will carry on these truths that are in God’s Word and do it unashamedly.  We need a crusade where young men will give their lives so that our future generations can survive without having to bow to the vile images that are so prevalent in our culture today or be subject to the horrific views and taunting by the homosexual leftist agenda.  A desire must exist for young men to train themselves to be satisfied with only the bare essentials as Spartan Warriors were disciplined to be and not raised under pampered lives like so many of the Christian and worldly kids of today.  These young men need training to buffet their bodies and keep their actions under control regarding women, children, money, alcohol, politics, and the things of this world.  Our world is groaning for young men who have a deep seeded desire to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ.

   Can we train up young men that will carry as their motto, “Give me Christ and Christ alone”?  We long for young men who are willing to die for the cause of Christ.  This does not come naturally…it comes as we battle forward immersing ourselves in God’s word and let Him develop in our hearts and minds a “biblical world view”.  God is sovereign!  He has never moved or changed His mind.  He is not surprised by the darkness that envelops the world we live in today.  He created this universe and every living or non-living being in it.  He is not bashful about war, battle, death or even love.  So, our challenge today as fathers of sons is to bring up a new generation of young men that will fit the image of God, like a warrior for truth, justice and become a loving family man.  Steve Farrar put it very plainly with this quote from his book, “Standing Tall”:

“Gentlemen, we are raising our kids in this sewer of moral relativism.

If your kids buy into this philosophy, it will ruin their lives.

Here’s the deal, guys.  Our kids won’t know anything unless they see it in our lives.  Our kids won’t know that there are moral absolutes unless they absolutely see those truths lived out in our lives.”

Steve Farrar, “Standing Tall” 1994


This is what I am talking about.  The training is about walking and talking God’s truth daily.  It does not mean we are perfect, but that we are able to show our weaknesses as well as our strengths.  We need to show our kids that God creates strength from our weaknesses.  There is a loud voice trying to wake up our countries Christian fathers.  I am afraid though we have ear plugs in or are ignoring this loud call.

“The Christian world is in a deep sleep. 

Nothing but a loud voice can waken them out of it.”

-George Whitefield, 1739


Guys, I cannot tell you what to do or how to raise your kids.  I cannot make you do anything you are not entirely willing to do from your heart.  This is not a legalistic set of rules or point of view even though it is my opinion.  I abhor legalism in all of its form when it comes to the scriptures and the life God would have each of us live.  However, I am simply challenging you to rethink how you are training your children, especially the boys and how you are living as an example for them today.  Is it with sacrifice or from a life of pure luxury?  At the age of 7, are you training warriors to do battle for their future wives, children, countrymen, and ancestry or just over educated athletes in hopes of landing that multi-million dollar contract so they can buy more boats, larger houses, more jewelry and filthier women?  What is their view of supporting the ministries that abound in their area today?  Do they have a worldly view or a biblical world view?  Can you see a servant’s heart or a future adult that will be demanding and hard to live with?  Think about what is important in this life that enhances your eternal life and the eternal life of others.  Out of your actions and training which of those give glory to the Lord?  Does baseball, football, basketball, the finest schools, dances, an exotic vacation, or other activities like these have an eternal purpose?  They could have, but just think for a moment how it is coming across to the kids.  Does giving them every single toy they ask for prepare them for the battles ahead in life?  Does saying yes to their every plea really give them a proper outlook on the future?  Does taking their side in every argument truly help them in preparation for debating the liberal left wing of this world?  Do they see you react to a problem with prayer and digging into your Bible or do they observe you speaking harshly of that person or problem and vow your revenge? 

Men, I am not bringing this message from an attitude of having all the answers or that I always do it right, because that would be a bold face lie.  I battle the same sins and problems you do.  I battle the same pride and ego that every man fights.  But the truth is what it is, guys.  I cannot speak totally from example, but simply from God’s truth.  We need fighters, warriors, kids that grow up knowing the Bible and believing that the Bible is completely true as the inspired word of God and fall in love with their Lord Jesus Christ.  Our world can stand young men that will be devoted to their wives, children, and country and see them as a blessing upon their lives rather than a curse. 

 Today, I encourage you to pray sincerely about all that you have read here.  Reach down deep into the pit of your heart to find that which God placed in your heart years ago.  Lift up your family, co-workers, in-laws, and enemies in prayer.  Dress down spiritually and put it all on the table, guys.  Leave it with the Lord…all of it…the hurt, the pain, the tears, the stress, the financial problems, sexual problems, weaknesses, family problems…all of it.  Leave nothing behind to carry on with you.  Then take a long deep breath and set there for a while in silence to listen to hear if God will speak to you.  It may take Him days, weeks, months or years to speak, but He will speak to you.  See if He speaks, not audibly, but spiritually, through His word, through His people, and through the circumstances.  It is better to not move a muscle until you hear God speak then to do anything that would be in direct disobedience to His calling upon your life. 

“Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, let your mind dwell on these things.

The things you have learned and received and heard and seen in me, practice these things; and the God of peace shall be with you.”    Philippians 4:8-9 (NAS)


Guys think on a few questions this very day:

-Would the Lord have you change anything about your life, the treatment of your wife and children and then the training of your children?

-What change can you make today that would be positively noticeable to your family when you got home from work that would inspire them to want to follow you and serve the Lord more? 

What changes would bring glory to Christ today?

-Do you have a servant’s heart like Christ or is pride and ego in the way?

-Why do you go to church, bible studies, and other “religious” functions?

-What kind of men do you hang around with everyday?

-Most importantly, do you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ or are you just playing church or religion because it is the cultural thing to do? 

This is serious guys…your life and the lives of our children and grand-children depend on the decisions we make today….tomorrow may be too late.

Scott Bailey 2007 ©  

*Disclaimer:  In no way am I against sports, athletes, vacations, or money.  Joe Lewis, the late great boxer, once said that “no, money isn’t everything, but it sure ranks right up there with air…try to live without for a day.”  Each of us have a God given purpose in life and is according to what God’s desire for our lives are and we should be obedient to Him in that purpose if we want to live a successful life.  That could mean a pro baseball career for example or using your income to provide for families in need that live around you.  So, please reread this with an open heart and mind and look at it from God’s side as to what He might be seeing in us right now.  He wants us to be completely devoted to Him in all things and my heart felt belief is that we have missed this as dads on nearly all accounts…I am as convicted of this in my heart as anyone else. 

May God bless you as you go out each day to provide for your family and as you work hard to make that much needed time to spend with your wife and children.

**It is rumored that young kids about 7 years old that are chosen to be a Spartan Warrior and subjected to homosexuality.  This was not the custom, but I am sure it happened and there was most likely homosexuality in the ranks as at anytime during the years…sin is sin and has been around since the Garden of Eden…God hates sin as much today as He did at this time or any other time.  However, there is no evidence that Spartan Warriors were homosexual as a whole nor has sufficient effidence been provided that concludes these young men were trained to be homosexual.  I conclude this information is a rumor and lie.  However, the main point is that we are to be raising solid warriors that are willing to lay down their lives for others not matter what the task…not raising homosexual men….I am not advicating homosexuality at all.

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-Playing Rough with the Boys!

Posted by Scott on August 7, 2007

Teddy Roosevelt & the Famous Rough Riders


Playing Rough With the Boys!


Have you ever known a boy or boys that like to play rough all the time?  You know you have.  I have 6 boys that love to play and work rough.  Wrestling with them from time to time on my bed or in the floor is always an exciting time for the boys and me.  Usually it will start with me tickling one of them and then as we get into a full blown wrestling match I end up with 4 more boys joining in, all against dad.  Our youngest is only 11 months old, so his day is coming.  How great it is to be able to play with my sons this way.  I was reading the other day from another dad from our historical past named Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt who had 4 boys himself.  He was like any other dad that loved to play with his boys and rough-house with them whenever he could, however, something that he discovered that I have had to put a stop to myself is wrestling right before bedtime.  Here is a letter he wrote to his oldest son, Teddy Jr., about the lessons in rough-housing before bedtime.

“Wrestle Before Dinner, Not Bed”

Oyster Bay, May 7, 1901


“Blessed Ted,

Recently I have gone in to play with Archie and Quentin after they have gone to bed, and they have grown to expect me, jumping up, very soft and warm in their tummies, expecting me to roll them over on the bed and tickle and “grabble” in them.  However, it has proved rather too exciting, and an edict has gone forth that hereafter I must play bear with them before supper, and give up the play when they have gone to bed….”


I wonder who gave out the “edict”?  We all know.

You know that we as dads must get in our play time with our boys whenever we can. Something to ponder is our view of our heavenly Father in the same light. Do we expect Him to spend time with us in the same way spiritually?  He desires to commune with us, show us His unconditional love in many ways, bless our lives in ways we could never imagine, go fishing with us, touch us, hug us and even some rough-housing along the way.  He created us to be this way from His heart. 

Psalm 23:1-6 (NAS)

“The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.

He makes me lie down in green pastures;

He leads me beside quiet waters.

He restores my soul;

He guides me in the paths of righteousness for His name sake.

Even though I walk through the valley of the

Shadow of death, I fear no evil; for Thou art

With me;

Thou dost prepare a table before me in the

Presence of my enemies; Thou hast anointed

my head with oil; my cup overflows.

Surely goodness and loving-kindness will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the

house of the Lord forever.”


Now, this chapter seems to be over used in all situations, but it directs us to the personal way in which the Lord will transact with us throughout all of life.  The very first verse proclaims that He is my shepherd…this is personal.  He will lead me along the still waters. He restores my soul.  We see here an intimacy of the writer with a very intimate God.  God wants to be our “all in all”. David had written this song at a very low point in life.  What he discovered was a very personal, loving, merciful, and hands-on God that he could rest on.  This is the same for us today.  His desire is to know us as a father and son should.  With God it is an unfathomable relationship that we cannot know with anyone else, but Him.

If we desire for our boys to stay out of trouble then we need to get in there and spend time with our boys as much as we can and smile and laugh as much as possible while we do.  Yes, they will be a bit rough outside the home with others sometimes, but that is the cost of boys.  We as dads just need to gently coach them along the way to not be as rough to others as we are at home.  It creates numerous teaching opportunities with our boys.  If we expected our boys to just sit and never rough-house and always be in proper command of themselves 24 hours per day, never getting dirty while taking 3 baths per day, how dull and sterile they will be as men and those intimate opportunities may never come about while they are in our care.  Allow the boys to live life to the fullest in order to give way to the opportunities of learning.  Hovering over the boys never allowing anything happen to them at all is not a good way to raise boys.  Boys become men through the challenges, obstacles, blood, dirt, tears, sweat, smells, and pains of life…the younger they experience this lesson the better it will be for them as young men.  This is certainly not speaking of rebelling against their parents or even God, but is speaking of taking those calculated risk.  Let the rope out a little farther as they get older in order for their curiosity to develop.  David was rough and yet he found an intimate relationship with his heavenly Father through those rough-housing times.

Spend some time with your son(s) this evening or weekend just wrestling on the floor and tickling them if you do not already do this and see if that intimacy between you and the boy(s) becomes deeper as the days go by and help develop that well rounded young man.  I can think of no greater way to nurture a raving fan of our Lord than the time spent with our boy(s) as they observe how the love of the Father really is.  They are only young for such a short time.  Go ahead, get dirty with them, and get smelly with them, lead them beside the calm waters, walk with them through those rough valleys of life.  You will never regret it.

By Scott Bailey father of 10   (c)

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-What Honors Are You Looking For?

Posted by Scott on August 6, 2007

A question is asked that goes straight to the root of what men struggle with on a daily basis.  These two men, James and John, were doing the Lord’s work everyday.  They brought people to Jesus for healing and salvation.  I am sure they prayed with Christ and others often.  Their church attendance record was impeccable I am sure. In everyway when you looked as these two men they seemed to have their “religion” together…what anyone today would call a real “Christian”.  They played that role all day long, but for what reason?  What was deep inside their hearts?  Was it a devotion to serve Christ no matter what or did they have other motives?

Mark 10:35, 37…”Teacher, we want You to do for us whatever we ask of You.”  “….Grant that we may sit in Your glory, one on Your right, and one on Your left.” 

In Mark 10:35-42 an astonishing character flaw comes to the surface that many of us battle on a daily basis…I know I do…it is the age old sin of pride!  For many it was subtle, especially as we read to reaction of the other disciples.  They became “indignant with James and John”.  However, for many of us pride creeps in and we do not even recognize it as a problem for us.  The arrogance and pride that popped out at this moment in James and John’s life caught many by surprise, but not Jesus.  He knew their hearts before they ever asked the question.  Jesus knew their hearts as they did their “churchy” work each day.  He knew that pride was deep inside their hearts and they were simply acting as a child would.  You see, a servant’s heart that really has a grasp on servant-hood will never ask to be at the head of any line, table or as these two boyish men asked to be near the throne of the King, one on each side of Him.  Why does a servant need to be at the head when their place is serving others?  As James and John soon found out, they had asked something to which they had know real clue what it would require of them.  They did not see the depth to which their blood would be spilled for their King and His kingdom.  Surely as Jesus suffered and died for us, they too must suffer for the cause of Christ.  Their suffering was required as all of us that call Jesus, Lord, must suffer.  James was the first apostle to die for the cause of Christ after Jesus ascended to heaven, however, before this event took place a tremendous transformation took place in James and John’s life after this moment of exposure to their hearts.  Jesus soon died the death of a violent criminal yet he had committed no crimes nor had He sinned.  That ransom that was paid by Jesus’ blood freed each person that would accept Jesus as the Son of God and commit their lives to Christ as Lord of their life.  This same freedom was bestowed to James and John who we later see as mighty warriors for Christ with very humble servant hearts….what happened to the pride we saw earlier?  As C.J. Mahaney puts it in his book, Humility…True Greatness:

 “James and John were ransomed by the Savior’s death and forgiven of their pride and all their sins.  And they would be transformed as well, from self-confident men into humble servants who would live to serve others with the gospel for the glory of God.”  

Pride no longer held chains on these men.  Now they had the freedom to serve Christ with all their heart, soul and mind.  They were free from this bondage that drew them to feel they needed to be honored and should be first in line, first with a particular new car on the block, first to build a house in that neighborhood, and so on.  Pride drives us to be jealousy of other Christians success.  Pride is the root of the downfalls of many of our leaders.  The first sin ever committed was pride….Lucifer (satan).  He wanted to be above God and take over, but found God’s wrath and was cast to the earth.  It was pride that took satan and one third of the angels out of paradise.  Out of all the sins we can commit, God hates the sin of pride the most. 

So, I ask you, what have we done that we can boast about anything?  We did not create ourselves.  We have not promoted ourselves…God does the promoting.  All success is from God, not man.  On and on it goes, so why do we fall into the prideful trap in our daily lives? 

At the end of the short saga, Jesus tells us all how to live.  If you want to be great you must first be a servant to all the people.  Whoever wants to be first comes through that door as a slave to all.  Even Jesus Himself did not come in honor and glory, but through a barn with animals, not in a palace.  He had just left a palace to show us how deep His love for His creation really was.  Jesus came to serve and to give the ultimate price of love for another, which was to give His life for us all.  So, whenever pride starts to well up inside and raise its ugly head again, just think back to a point and time that you can boast of being equal to Christ or having created something without God’s help.  It is a very humbling thought when we realize each breath we take is a gift from God.  Stamp out pride!

Jesus called them together and said, “You know that those who are regarded as rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them and their high officials exercise authority over them.  Not so with you.  Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be slave of all.  For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many.”

-Mark 10:42-45  (NIV) 

By Scott Bailey (c)

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