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-Dads Reminder to Moms About Our Boys, Part One!

Posted by Scott on August 22, 2007

toad boy

What Mothers Need to Know About Their Boys:

  1. Boys are very forgetful.  They need a mother to help them remember many things such as to wear socks, underwear, brush their teeth, etc.  Now this does not mean for moms to “nag”, but gently remind them more than once of those things. 
  •     There is nothing like getting to church and looking down to see your 9 year old not wearing socks under his khaki pants, because he forgot or because I only told him to put his shoes on,  I never said socks. 

2.   When boys reach the age of young manhood around 10 yrs old, they will began to pull away from mom more as they yearn to be more independent.  This in no way indicates that the boys love their moms less, but they are not nearly as huggy and kissy and do not need mom to hold their hand while crossing the parking lot anymore…that becomes embarrassing to them at this point. 

  •       I got a very cold shoulder from my 13 yr old when I tried to hug him before he got on a bus bound for Colorado with a church group.  He hugs me plenty in our home, but that is where it stays.  But, my 7 yr old, Ben, has to hug me everyday at least 10 times.  “I don’t think I have hugged you enough yet, Mom.” 

3.  Boys are created wild at heart.  They want adventure in every aspect of daily life, they enjoy an enemy to fight and defeat, a damsel in distress, weapons for battle to help secure their territory and the territory of those in distress…they desire to be that “knight in shining armor”.  This may cause splinters in hands or bruises on the forehead, but rest assure they will heal.  Boys scars are like his trophies….let him get a little scarred up in life. 

  •     I will never forget our summer vacation a few years ago.  We rented a house in Silverton CO for a week.  This quaint little tourist town was perfectly set right in the middle of the mountains.  Our house backed up to one of those mountains, so you know what my boys did all week.  One day, we took a walk through town where they boys found some play rifles at a toy store.  Now that mountain became San Juan Hill and they were the Rough Riders, conquering the Spaniards.  I watched countless times from the back door as they would run up the side of the mountain. Then one of the younger boys would trip & fall and come tumbling down.  He would get up pull the grass out of his mouth and run back up.  His story to me would be, “Did you see me roll down that big mountain?  That was cool!” 

4.  Boys like to pickup any strange looking creature they come across.  This includes, but is not limited to, snakes, frogs, spiders, worms, lizards, insects, caterpillars, mice, rats, and the such.  Most of these will end up in the pants pockets of the boys…. from a boys prospective, what are pockets for?  So, always look through boys pockets before washing those pants. 

  • This is great advice.  I still remember looking in the washing machine and reaching in to pick up what I I thought was a leaf.  It turned out to be a lizard, with no eyes & all shriveled up!  I don’t know if it went in the washing machine alive or not, but it didn’t survive! 

5.  Boys like things that move fast, make loud noises, and fly high in the air.  Do not be shocked if your boy wants to go faster, higher, and make a louder noise….this is just simply a fascinating challenge to any real boy. 

  •   Occasionally my mother or my mother in law will come and get some of the boys for a few days.  It is always a nice rest when they take some boys.  The house is quiet.  But it just isn’t right until they get back home & the noise level returns to LOUD.  Boy noise is different than girl noise.  It is a wild and masculine noise. 

 6.  Boys enjoy being thought of as “handy” around the home.  Mom should ask him to help her if at all possible with opening a jar, taking out the trash, feeding the animals, mowing the yard, hammering in nails for pictures (be careful with this one), gluing something back together and anything like this.  Boys take great pride in knowing that mom thinks he is big enough to handle tougher and tougher jobs….a sign that he is “growing up”.

  •  The best way to keep our sons out of trouble is to keep them busy.  Josh just got back from spending 4 days with my parents.  My dad kept him plenty busy with little odd jobs and Josh had a great time.  He felt very useful, needed and grown up.  Our 5 yr old can unload a dishwasher faster than his 12 yr old sister.  He is learning the reward of self satisfaction.

 7.  Boys need heroes to emulate.  Great men that rescued ladies in distress, always ended up winning in the end, were the good guys, fought mighty when in battle, were brave and heroic, men of strong faith that did not back down from the biblical truths, missionaries that took great risk in order to share Christ with a particular tribe, cowboys of the old west, military greats, and so on.  Even fathers and grandfathers can be placed in this category if he is involved in the boys life. 

  • My husband loves to read about dead people.  He loves reading their life story and learning from their faith in God or from their mistakes.  Then, he shares this with the rest of us. When he is studying about someone in the Bible and he gets excited about them he will ask you, “Did you know____?” and then proceed to tell us what he has learned.  He has created a hunger in his boys to know more about the hero’s in the Scriptures.  He is our boys’ hero because they know that Jesus Christ is his hero.

By Scott & Dana Bailey (c) 2007


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