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-Who Do We Admire Most?

Posted by Scott on August 25, 2007

rock_cross.jpg If this world is not a Christians true home then how is it that so much of the worldly ways are common amoung the Christian family?   Heaven is our true home and to be the desire of our hearts.  Recently, I sat down with most of my ten children in the family room to ask them a few questions.  I am proud of my kids to say the least, but here is some of the questions and answers they gave.

-Define what True Greatness means to you!

*A great athlete *Grace of our President *A humble person

-Who do you think your mother and I most admire?

*God *Jesus Christ *Ray Stedman *Pastor Chuck Swindall of Stonebriar Community Church *Our Parents *John Wayne *President Ronald Reagan, President George W. Bush, President Teddy Roosevelt *George Mueller *Billy Graham *John Piper *Sir Winston Churchill *Corie Ten Boom *Beth Moore

-Who do you kids most admire?

*God *Jesus Christ *Parents (Us) *President Bush *John Wayne *Grand-Parents *Their Youth Pastors Jason Stevenson & David Ake @ Stonebriar Community Church *Their Childrens Pastors Gary & Joe *Heather S. @ Stonebriar Community Church *Pastor Chuck Swindall of Stonebriar Community Church *Corie Ten Boom *Jim Elliott *Nate Saint

-Why do you think Mom & Dad most admire these people?

*Godly influence *Jesus is our Lord and Savior *God loves us

*Their faith

*John Wayne was an American Patriot and strong man that believed in doing what was right no matter what.  He never backed down from a fight.

 *Corie Ten Boom’s tremendous faith and strength throughout her life.  She did not waiver in her belief that God would see her through that Nazi concentration camp.

*These people helped others.  *Humble *Unconditional love for others.

-Who do you think people in our society most admires and why?

*Pro Athletes:  because they are famous and have lots of money.  They are seen on TV all the time.

*Actors/Singers:  because of their fame and money.  People think they have achieved true greatness.  Hair styles, clothes, looks, etc.

*Authors/Writers:  Famous novels and money.

*Historical Figures like great Presidents and people that paved the way for others:  influence and spoke out for those who agreed with them and was willing to speak out.

After we had completed the questions and discussed the differences in the way a Christian should view greatness and how the world defines greatness it was obvious to them that true greatness according to our Lord is those humble servants that many times are not really known by anyone or did not have any material things.  Those that He knew would change, but the world hated.  The people that work silently behind the scenes at church and other ministries and never seek to push themselves to the top or head of the table. 

The truly great people are not the athletes for their athletic ability or money….it is what is in their heart of hearts that should be drawn out that makes them great and frankly, I do not see many that are great today.  Materialistic people are admired in our culture today.  The more toys, houses, money, and cars you have is how the world defines greatness today.  I am not opposed to things that other people have.  I hope they can enjoy them and use them for God’s glory.  I hate things in my life that takes over and replaces my deep love for Christ.  I love athletics, singers, authors and the like, but I cannot hold them up as the symbol of greatness…yes they are successful, but that is not to be confused with true biblical greatness….they are not one in the same.  Remember God abhores the proud and shows grace on the humble.

Our goal as parents for these beautiful and talented 10 children of ours is celebrate the achievements of those who show humbleness and servanthood.  Celebrate the good deeds done each day and frown on the materialistic thinking and selfish ways.  I think it is our job as the parents to show our children the difference, by the way mom and dad live and who we admire.

A Our daily challenge is to try to identify evidences of God’s grace in others.  To encourage and serve others as much as possible and then some.  Make sure our responses to trials are humble as to set forth a Godly fragrance before the world (2 Cor 2:15-16)

-Scott Bailey (c) 2007


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