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-Are We Standing On Holy Ground?

Posted by Scott on August 30, 2007


  I pose that question for a reason.  When Moses went before God in the mountains, the angels instructed Moses to take off his shoes because he was standing on “holy” ground.  What made that ground holy?  Well, that is obvious; it was the presence of a holy God that made the ground holy.Now, the questions of whether the ground we are standing is holy or not has to do with whether we believe God dwells within us or not.  If God is with us as believers all the time then the ground we are standing on must be holy.  It is not holy because we are there, but because God is there.

If we as dads sat down in our living rooms to tell the kids a bible story and they are before you on the floor, would this not be setting on holy ground?  I ask this question to help us as dads to think deeper as we seek out God in our lives and the deeper realtionship we desire. 

 If we have God in our lives with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit then should we not live as though God is in us?  Too much of our Christian life is lived as though we can put God in a closet when we want and then carry Him with us when we want.  Unfortunately, for the masses we drag Him into our sinful activities everyday.  This is how the world views Christianity.  This is why the term “hypocrite” has been made synonymous with Christians.  We have failed to take God serious in our daily lives thus showing the world that our God seemingly has no power or influence.  It is that “sham” Christianity that is prevelant in the world today.

  “This is one of the most biblically illiterate generations to exist since Christ walked on this earth.”

Why are we living in a biblically illiterate generation?  Could it be that we as parents are not teaching our children the word of God?  We opt for sports, school, a formal education based on secular points of view rather than biblical points of view, dating, movies, or just plainly our own pleasures.  Think back over the past two weeks and ask yourself how many times you have spoken about a biblical point of view on anything?  I have to do the same pondering and at times it can be hard to remember the last time.  Shame on me for not making this a daily priority in my own life.  Everything in this life is to glorify God and prepare us for an eternity of worshipping Jesus, however, we live as though this life on earth is all the life there will be.

Now, if we want to see our world change in a God glorifying manner, then we must prepare a generation of young people that knows the scriptures inside and out.  Breath the word of God on our kids, speak it to them, write it on everything you give to them, above the door post, on the walls, give your home a smell of the presence of God.  Parents we are going to make mistakes no doubt.  Our lives are a constant struggle because we are human, but we must take the battle to the enemy.  In order to take back our lives for the cause of Christ it must start with the word of God and teaching that to our children.  Dig in deep and ask God to give you that desire for Him that you once had, so you can forward that on to your kids.

Scott Bailey © 2007


One Response to “-Are We Standing On Holy Ground?”

  1. Josef Sefton said

    Scott, you are so right we must take the battle to the enemy. Our enemy is Satan. As you correctly say we must start with the word of God, the holy Bible, and teach it to our children rather than allowing them to learn how to murder with smiles on their faces, whilst playing sinful video games.

    Dads and moms, those evil video games that your children are addicted to that glorify killing must be chased out of your homes by you, until you can run no more.

    Parents intent on honouring God, hurl them as far away from your home that you can without hitting me on the head.

    Let’s follow Scott’s lead of teaching our children from both the Old and New Testament; so that our teenagers start understanding that running away from the Holy Bible to a night of drinking isn’t God’s will.

    Scott’s right, fewer and fewer parents are teaching their children the word of God effectively.

    Parents will you stop watching Sex in the City in order to give your children some more of your precious parental time?

    Parents, we serve a mighty God.

    Let us all show Him that we prefer His company to watching boxing, American Football and golf. Let us all show Him that we love Him more than all those vile programs many are watching on television.

    Parents, learn to do the right thing and you will start desiring to hear God’s holy voice.

    What is holding you up from dusting down your holy Bible now? You can’t find it? Go look for it, then you will have an opportunity to open it.

    Stop your head shaking right now; for God is not going to send a thunderstorm down on you tonight or tomorrow, if you take the initiative to show Him that you are interested in His glorious, all-wise mind and heart.

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