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-Modesty In Girls Comes From Home!

Posted by Scott on September 10, 2007


Today, our society including the church have become very loose with our dress, speech, spending and much more.  Women and girls run along the walk ways in our neighborhoods hardly dressed and what they do have on is very tightly revealing.  As a man wo really would like to focus on the road has trouble with this sometimes.  As natural as it seems, for me to keep my eyes on the road and not take a quick look is a battle.  I am sure many other men and/or dads fight the same battles every day as I do.

I heard someone quote President John Adams, “When women in our country become immodest, then our government and nation will suffer greatly.” 

How prophetic those words have been.  To a great extent the war with Islam that America faces has been greatly inhanced by the trampy dress of our females and carrying on the way they do…this is directly forbidden in that religion.  I have seen some very vile things on the internet and tv before and am convinced that many women (not all) today show no boundaries at all.  They will do anything that makes them feel good, look good, and for the right amount of money.  For us dads this poses a tremendous challenge for us to raise our daughters to be modest according to biblical standards.  Yes, we are free…free to glorify God in our dress, actions, and attitude.  Not bending to the way the world thinks a person should dress or conduct themselves…”it is no longer I that lives, but Christ lives in me…”  This is not to say that girls should zip up in a suit from neck to toes or wear tent jumpers all the time.  I believe they can be very beautiful in the way they dress without appearing to be a very “loose” person.  Another quote I heard gave a very broad explanation of how women and girls should decide to dress for each day.

“Women’s clothing should be tight enough so that we can tell they are a women and loose enough for us to know that she is a ‘lady’.” 

-Unknown Quoter

So, dads look out for your wife and daughters when they leave the house.  Care enough about them to tell them if something needs to be changed.  If they have something on that might make another man think these gals are wanting much more than just a quick hello, it is time to speak up.  I know I battled this in our home at times, but our daughters are starting to understand the reason behind glorifying Christ with everything they do, say, and wear.  It is a direct reflection upon the parents and especially on dads/husbands, but most importantly it reflects directly on the kind of God you serve…if us dads are not willing to speak up then who will?

I am challenging dads to help their girls to understand the purpose of modesty so it can help us guys to remain pure at heart and mind by not tempting us by dressing provocatively…beautifully is one thing, but trampy is another.  Keep the mystery about how trully beautiful you are for your wedding night…this creates something special that you and your husband will never forget.  This is how God’s word does address this…

“In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest dress…”

-1Tim 2:9

-Scott Bailey (c) 2007



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