En Gedi: Finding rest in the wilderness!

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-Crying Out to God!

Posted by Scott on October 10, 2007

ccso8lcab2pixjca5m5wclcaxgagxmca353n9acad3nhxbcaml4hvfcao920gnca6pbpdccams9o07caad8ydjcas3ora3ca4gjccucakfoft1ca89jr5dcarvg232canf5zppcaufmqfecafljz6r.jpg   Crying out to God is not as man’s natural reaction to distressing situations.  Most of the time it takes a great deal of turmoil to get us on our knees.  Why is that I wonder?  Much of the time if not all of the time it is pride or just simply ignorance on our part.  We just do not think of it.  What I am guilty of doing many times is to think of how “I” can solve this problem or get out of this situation.  My reaction should be going to the almighty God and asking Him for His guidance and rescue while praising Him for the opportunity to bring Him glory in this situation.

“They cry out to the Lord in their trouble, and He brings them out of their distresses.  He calms the storm, so that its waves are still.” 

-Psalm 107:28-29

The Israelites cried out as their backs were against the Red Sea.  They were in a very tough situation.  Pharaoh’s army coming from the front, the sea to their backs, and mountains on the other sides.  They had no where to go, but to their knees and cry out for deliverance from their God.  The Lord had lead them into that situation, hardened Pharaoh’s heart and put their backs to the wall in order to bring glory unto Himself and show the Israelites that He is their God and that they are His people.  Remember men, the same God who leads us into these situations will also lead us out…this is by His design.

“Their fear set them a praying and that was a good effect of it.  God brings us into straits that He may bring us to our knees.”   

– Matthew Henry

No matter what our normal responses have been in the past, remember this story of the Red Sea and God’s deliverance of His people then and He will do the same today.  If we think hard enough we can all remember times when God has delivered us from brink of disaster as well.  We do not worship and serve a God that wakes up each day and reacts to the messes we have made….He has His plan in action and we cannot throw off His plan by anything we do.  We can join Him in that plan by praising Him in spite of our situation no matter how dire that might be.  Easier said than done I know, but as a father and husband myself this has taken me years to embrace and even still I groan at times at energy it takes to walk this way, but only when the flesh creeps up above our spiritual life.  One thing I now understand is that it is far better to glorify God with our steadfastness to Him during these times then to become a whiner about how He has forgotten me or does not like me or is punishing me.  This does not glorify our God at all.  It makes people not want to be around us and certainly is not a positive testimony.  We are constantly building our testimonies guys.  We will be constructing our testimony under God’s direction until we die. 

I want to encourage anyone reading this that in your stressful situation you are in now, go to God’s word first.  Meditate on His words in the bible first without praying.  Be silent for a while.  Then after reading, meditating, and taking a quiet moment….begin to pray.  See what a difference it can make to spend time basking in His glory, listening to His precious words.  You may want to say that you do not have time for all this…..well, I will tell you the truth, life will be over for you if you do not make the time.  It is simply that important that no matter what is on the schedule block out enough time somewhere in your week to read on God’s word, meditate on it and then pray about what you have heard.  Our prayers will become more in tune with His will if we will begin to do this.  A life in tune with the Father’s will is the only life worth living, men.  I am working on this just like you are.  My struggles come out in the words I write down.  Our families deserve a Godly man that is in tune with God and has an affectionate relationship with Him.  Everything we do and say is a reflection of Him or on Him….the world is watching our every move

“God loves to make a way for us when we see no way!”

-Scott Bailey (c) 2007


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