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-From A Dad: I Was Chosen by God!

Posted by Scott on October 10, 2007

k1htsoca535setca79oisuca30dloycawwv2vbcaop3va0cajhvt4lcas305necafnttd3camtzzigcapshk71camd1j7tcaoqef1pcazbk8yocaximerycaryu4ywcaruj3roca8fljh8cad2dmgn.jpg   In my recent research and study it very obvious that God seeks us out.  He comes for us like a hound on the trail of a fox.  Without a God hunting for us and calling us out we would never seek Him out.  Jesus says in John 6:44 “No one can come to Me, unless the Father draw him to Me….”  The Hebrew or Greek understanding here would be like “drag”…..”unless the Father dragged him to me.”   He will seek us out no matter where we are.  If we are not feeling that “draw” or pulling/tug we have not been called.  It is a sad thing for those that God has not called to Himself, but the scriptures teach us that not all will answer the call.  Fact is not all have been chosen and not all are equiped to answer His calling.  This is His design for His purposes.  His ways are not our ways nor are our thoughts His thoughts.  We view things from a humanly point, but God knows the purpose He has.  God sees everything and knows everything from the past to the future.

“…for you are a chosen people. You are royal priests, a holy nation, God’s very own possession. As a result, you can show others the goodness of God, for He called you out of the darkness into His wonderful light.”  1 Peter 2:9 NLT

uhkk4ocat0pr9fca6dye4ncar4r18pcaxj97okca9789omcaiju04zca11bxpjcaul6lewca0lttnvcaxbboghcadb2t25cawlo6omcagu60gtcaq8eg0scao28zjscazh93r1calivtu3ca645tg6.jpg   It is such a tremendous honor to be one of God’s elect.  That it was nothing that I have done in my own power, could have done or even would have done, but that God in His vast wisdom and sovereignty chose me before the foundations of the world were ever developed.  This is such a special honor and very humbling it is hard to comprehend…humbling in the sense that I have no power in reality to direct my own future, but that God is working His plan for my life to this very day.  You can liken this to a child that has been abandoned by his birth family and now is adopted into another family where some of the children are born into the family and the other is adopted or chosen into that family.  That is such a priviledge for that adopted child that these parents chose them especially out of possibly hundreds of other children.  This is the exuberance my heart feels that knowing I did not choose God from some fabricated free will of my own power without the Holy Spirits intervention and the desire supplanted by God at my birth in one corner of my heart and mind to even want Him.  He wanted me before I ever thought about wanting Him.  With tremendous joy and praise my heart nearly leaps from my chest at this very thought today.  I hope that others can receive this same joy and gratification in knowing God chose them not that we chose Him.  To be chosen by God to spend an eternity in paradise with Him words cannot describe. 

snf5r4car7xm5jcaknp70hca62knxscag2fb47ca7js6hvcayqu339cayl4hbhcaaf038acagn9whjca8yj02wcantgibbcaxgl173ca24d3cfcagp6cincax0twqmca9k62plcatyn6s5ca5g3303.jpg   My conversion was not of my efforts to find Him or seek Him out…I was fighting the calling upon my life every week.  My salvation was not of some “free will” that I embarked on a mission to find Christ and once I found Him I accepted Him….far be it from me to have wanted Him or the life of suffering that a Christian must embrace.  However, in my sinful state at birth I was not looking for Jesus, but He was waiting for me.  In an early morning Vacation Bible Study time at the age of 10 God through the prompting of the Holy Spirit began to call upon me.  He pricked at the very portion of my heart that God had left bare at my birth for this moment…the ticker that He planted in order to be activated at the precise moment of my acceptance of Christ.  The ground work was planted before my conception.  As I gripped the back of the church pew my heart and mind surrendered to His calling on my life.  I could no longer resist God’s amazing grace.  In an instance the door was opened to my heart and Christ entered for all eternity into my life.  He picked me for that moment to join His family for eternity.  My heart swells and my eyes fill with tears now to know that my God loved me that much to choose me out of the millions of people that would walk upon the dirt of this world in all of time.  I am a chosen one part of the elect of God. 

No matter the choice of someone elses theology, doctrine, or belief…no one can take away my salvation nor the belief that in God’s sovereign will He came after me, because He chose me and elected me and I am one of His.  My love for the heavenly Father has never been greater in my life than it is at this very moment.  As Jesus gave up His life for mine, no greater love has any man shown me than He lay down His life for another…me.  He justified me in that one instance and by faith alone in Him I am saved.  On that cross He already knew I was one of those He was dying for.  He had already chosen me before that selfless act of love had taken place.  My witness this day is that Christ died for me and I am now one of His. 

“…I give eternal life to them and they shall never perish; and no one shall snatch them out of My hand.  My Father who has given them to Me, is greater than all and no one is able to snatch them out of the Father’s hand.  I and the Father are one.”  John 11:28-30  NAS

-Scott Bailey (c) 2007 


8 Responses to “-From A Dad: I Was Chosen by God!”

  1. 4given said

    hey it is me your son josh that is cool dad.

  2. Fellow Chosen One,

    Finally, hearing from someone who has been chosen as I was. Your message is exactly what has happened to me. I am having some difficulty with it. At first when I was chosen it was so powerful I felt as if I was Jesus Christ. As I have been growing spiritually I understand what actually occurred was the Holy Spirit entering my heart actually made me like Jesus. Wanting to be like Jesus. I have been visited by an angel actually telling me that I have been chosen as a servant for Jesus.Also visited a second time ,telling me I have been saved.I also get visions of things to come and they do. It his very hard to figure them out.
    I spend all of my time now studying the bible trying to learn more, never satisfied. I am sure I am in training for what ever Gods plan is for me. I would really like if we could exchange this incredible blessing God has done for us. Please e-mail me if you feel you would also. Anyone I try to explain this happening ,simply thinks i am out of my mind or something like that.

  3. qbaileys said

    I wanted to respond briefly to your comment. You have stated some interesting things in your comments that I need to think on before I respond completely. In the meantime anyone else is welcome to comment to this as long as it is in love and biblically based. Being chosen of God as I was speaking is simply the view that God chose me to be saved before the foundations of the world were ever formed. God had elected me at that time like he elected my parents and my wife to be saved before the foundations of the world were set in place. I do not have special dreams or visitations just simply understanding in my mind and heart that Jesus did die for me on that cross and He knew at that moment it was for my redemption, grace and mercy. They are many that walk around daily that are not chosen and will never be saved. God is like a potter. He molds some of the clay into vessels he uses as instruments to further the kingdom. Others He makes for His purposes as He did Pharoah. Understand that I am not going to call you out of your mind, but do realize that it sounds strange to most us that have been believers for a long time. Your are in the right place by reading and studying God’s word. I would encourage you to stop for a moment and listen to what God might be telling you. Secondly I would recommend you read and meditate on God’s word and then pray according to what you have observed from the quiet time and God’s words that you read. It can change the prospective from which you pray. Finally, God very well may have a very special assignment for you to accomplish someday. Continue to grow and listen. Search the bible for answers as to how God speaks to His people today. I would not limit God in any way, but typically He speaks to us through His word, His people and events in our lives. Take care and I will continue to comment to you and email as well.

  4. vasilios rigos said


    I appreciate your response but it seems that your advice well intentioned of course, is the same as whom ever I try to explain what is occuring to me, also suggests. Basicly, politely telling me I am out there. When I read your message I felt we had the same expierence .I think what your message is of what the Bible teaches and not of what has literally happened to me. I appoligize for the mistake. God Bless you and your family

  5. qbaileys said

    My experience with God is very real. Although not a dream or actual voice from an angel, I experience God’s presence in my life daily through His word, hymns, and life experiences. I am not going to say that your experience is not real, but I just caution you to very careful in the interpretation of your experiences for now. I have seen many with similiar experiences and it was not what they thought it was when it was all said and done. God has provided us with His holy scripture for us to use as our guide and instructor throughout the rest of our lives. My main point is that you be careful…sharing this with the wrong people could be damaging to your spirit. That is not to say you are out there or weird….I am not saying that. It would be wise counsel for you to proceed with caution until you can completely confirm your experience as from God. There is absolutely nothing demeaning by this advice. I would like to keep up with your experiences and how this all plays out. There is many things I do not understand in God’s world, but I am learning daily. You can certainly share your full experiences here if you like. You never know, someone else with similiar experiences may comment. Have a most blessed week and I hope to hear from you again.

  6. vasilios rigos said

    I appreciate your insight and suggestions I certainly will keep in touch with you as each day brings us one day closer to the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. Just a seemingly strange way for God to prove to others what I might have to say is for real, a dream/ vision was of a nfl game to be played in December.This occured back in August, not even knowing they would even be playing one another, nfl teams do not always play against each other in one particular season, the score of this game will be san fran44-tampa 39.Anyway ,my point in all of this is that I seek answers as you might quite imangine. Looking for someone who can relate literally to what I am expressing. Again thank you for responding. I apprecite it very much. Elijah? Jerimiah? Daniel? Please read Habakkuk:2-3. 144,000? Just do not know yet.
    Peace Wisdom Love Faith

  7. Maximus said

    I would like to see a continuation of the topic

  8. qbaileys said

    In what way could I continue the topic?


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