En Gedi: Finding rest in the wilderness!

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-Seasons of Life in God’s Creation!

Posted by Scott on October 21, 2007



Don’t you enjoy the smell of clean fresh cool Fall air early in the mornings?  The feel of that cool breeze against your face and that still calmness the early mornings bring.  Each day comes to us innocent and full of life for us to experience true joy in God.  In the house the fresh smell of hot coffee in the kitchen.  What a great time to reflect on God’s greatness in the seasons.  He is the creator of every season.  He placed within us a desire for these changes in the seasons.  For some it is the sign of highschool, college, and pro football.  For others it is the leaves turning and falling…the little animals rushing around preparing for winter. At Thanksgiving the wonderful aroma of pecan and pumpkin pie baking, a large turkey cooking in the oven and the smells of all the trimmings fuming its glorious vapor in the air to draw us to the table.  It is just one of my favorite times of the year along with Spring.

“And God said, Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night, and let them be signs and tokens [of God’s provident care], and [to mark] seasons, days, and years…”  -Genesis 1:14 AMP

God set the seasons in place over 6,000 years ago.  The seasons we witness each year in and year out are very reflective of the seasons of life.  In life we have our baby years, toddler years, childhood years, which resemble the Spring of life.  The teenage years  and young adulthood years are the Summer years of our life.  The middle age, golden years, and senior years would be the Fall and Winter Years.  Each season of life holds within it numerous opportunities to bring glory to God.  Each season has different circumstances that the Lord has drawn us to.  Each season is designed for His purposes and with His ultimate glory in mind.

“The Wisdom [godly Wisdom, which is comprehensive insight into the ways and purposes of God] of the prudent is to understand his way…”  -Proverbs 14:8  AMP



In the life my wife and I are in is nearing early mid-life which I would compare to late Summer.  With this season comes the challenges of teaching our 16 year old to drive a car, teaching many of the boys to play ball and do those manly activites all the way down to a one year old climbing on everything and getting into everything.  We have been at this for along time and it seems that each season has a certain crisis of its own.  With us raising the kids and ministering to moms and dads plus trying to make a living we are experiencing a host of changes.  For us it comes in the way of faithfulness.  For me to make a living these days is tough.  We have our bills down ot the basics and that is hard to make.  It seems that we are always down to the wire every month as to whether we will have enough to make it.  I hear this same situation from others.  Many dads out there just trying to make it and are stressed beyond their wildest imaginations.  This stress can manifest into many different problems if we don’t watch it.  Depression can creep up on us, heart problems, cancers, heavy drinking, heavy smoking, nervousness, total lost-ness, hopelessness, and many other issues.  God is there in the midst of this.  He is sovereign over the affairs of His people.  As you can read in other post I am a big believer that God has a plan for each (Predestination) and everyone of us.  Each crisis is for a purpose to continue on the plan God formulated from the beginning.  We are not shocking Him or altering that plan by one second.  He has each and every millisecond under control.  Not one molecule has strayed out of His reach, not a bullet in any war or murder has been fired that He did not know about before hand, or one hair on our heads that is not accounted for.  If this is the way we really believe why do we fret over these temporary crisis we find ourselves in here?  Could it be the fear of the unknown that bothers us so much?  Our heavenly Father is all about our unknowns.  He is all about our fears and crisis.  Our rest is in the faith that He will take care of us no matter what happens.  How quickly we forget this.

Each of these seasons of our lives change us.  All along the way we find the challenges of the season, the fun and happiness of the season and we grow and learn throughout each season.  As we enter each different season of life we need to embrace the changes.  Our prayer life is the main area of our life that has hopefully grown the most.  This has been an area that my wife and I have grown the most over the years.  Early on we do as most Christians do….pray to God with a list of wants and needs.  We lay out our hearts before Him, but we have a hard time listening to His call.  As the next season sails quickly towards us we find ourselves conforming to His will.  The attitude of the prayer is more praise and less complaint.  Dana and I are in such “awe” of our Lord that He would have favor on our lives in any situation.  Favor is not necessarily riches, but favor is His hand forever evident in our lives.  When we have nothing in the bank He faithfully feeds us…our needs get met in His way rather than mans.   Our vision becomes much clearer as Dana and I see His plan barreling forward through each storm of our life.  I love the seasons of life, but it can grow weary if we start to live it in our own power.




“You faithfully answer our prayers with awesome deeds,O God our savior.You are the hope of everyone on earth,even those who sail on distant seas.”  -Psalm 65:5 NLT

Finally, our prayers are answered when we are praying according to God’s sovereign will.  It is an enjoyable time to experience answers to prayer that we know was in direct obedience to His will.  Our is in God.  Our prayers rest in Him.  As we take time out to listen to God first and then meditate on His word we find ourselves praying more and more as though we know exactly what God wants to hear from us.  As I stated above, we pray with more praise and less complaint.  It is not that God does not want to hear everything that is burdening our hearts, but He wants us to be in completely in tune with His will, plan and desires for us.  He know better than we do what our season of life will hold for us.  He knows exactly how we should pray at each moment.  He is constantly waiting for us to stop and listen.  In this Fall time of the year it is a great time to stop and listen to what God is trying to tell us.  Let us move forward in our prayer lives in a pleasing and aromatic fragrance that fills the nosterals of God with exactly what He is has been waiting for.  Thankfully, we serve a merciful and patient God.  He never tires of waiting on us to come and listen to Him.

“He knows the way He taketh,” even if for the moment we do not.  -J.I. Packer

-Scott Bailey (c) 2007


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