En Gedi: Finding rest in the wilderness!

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-From A Dad: Like Trees Planted By A Stream of Water!

Posted by Scott on October 23, 2007


Imagine for a moment you are sitting near a stream that is flowing with crystal clear water over rocks and tree stumps with its gentle sound.  You are sitting under huge trees that are old, but still very vibrant and green.  As you observe the beauty of God’s creation, notice at the bottom of those trees, near the stream…the roots are exposed typically.  Those roots grow deep into that stream of water.   We are very much like those trees.

“The trees of the Lord are well watered, the cedars of Lebanon He planted.” 

-Psalm 104:16


As the roots of these trees near the stream they are exposed to all the elements that may prevail around them.  They are totally dependent upon that stream for its nourishment and water.  Storms and drought may often beat at this tree, but because its roots are deep into that stream of water it remains constant, vibrant, stable, and steady.  The trees will lose a limb from time to time.  The trees may show signs of scarring from horrific storms that battered against it sometime within its life.  However, it never faltered or died with its roots embodied deep in the water.

“They are like trees planted along a riverbank, with roots that reach deep into the water.  Such trees are not bothered by heat or worried by long months of drought.  Their leaves stay green and they never stop producing fruit.”  -Jeremiah 17:8 (NLT)

God has created each of us much like these trees.  We are very much exposed to all kinds of attacks from our enemy.  Yet if we are in the word of God daily our roots grow deep into our Lord.  He wants us to be totally respondent to Him.  He wants us totally dependent upon Him for our food, water, shelter, and life.  Through the storms of life He expects us to remain stable, constant, vibrant, and steady.  As each storm rages we grow our roots closer and deeper towards Him.  As droughts come we grow our roots deeper.  All of life’s beatings, batterings, trials, financial turmoils, deaths, diseases, and such are to help us to grow our roots deeper and more firmly in Him.  Many times these events stay for a long time…we must have our roots planted deeply in God’s stream of water rather the worlds to survive. 

‘Therefore we do not lose heart.  Even though our outward man is perishing, yet the inward man is being renewed day by day.”   -2 Cor 4:16

God in His sovereign will is working His plan all the time.  These events are only a part of that plan.  As He draws us into each situation, each storm of life it is only to bring Him more honor and glory.  Our reactions to these difficulties are to be met with calmness, consistency, steadiness, and stability.  This is hard to understand, but God provides over time all that we need and many time more than we need.  Take each day and movement of God one step at a time.  It says in the model prayer Jesus used in Matthew, “Give us this day our daily bread.”  It did not say weekly or monthly bread, but daily bread.  So, as the storms of life swell around you to the point you cannot see land remember God is in every moment.  Get involved in the study of the Bible.  This is where your spiritual stability will come from.  This is the place your spiritual roots grow deep.  We as His chosen people are under His Divine care always.  Think of how you will respond to your current or next storm….where are your roots growing?

“Never a trial that He is not there,

Never a burden that He does not bear,

Never a sorrow that He does not share,

Moment by moment, we’re under His care.”

-Old Hymn by Daniel W. Whittle

-Scott Bailey (c) 2007

3 Responses to “-From A Dad: Like Trees Planted By A Stream of Water!”

  1. amelo14 said

    Found your post on trees to be very beautiful, spiritual and challenging. The quote by Jeremiah left me speechless. I have photographed many trees and wrote something about trees myself, though in a bit of a different spirit.


  2. qbaileys said

    All of God’s creation is beautiful. I like trees myself and find a great deal of peace when I can rest underneath a large oak, pecan or ash tree. However, more beautiful than the trees is their Creator…God Almighty. He is where my resting place truly resides. I thank Him daily for His creation…that we can enjoy His fabulous work on a daily basis like a painting under a different light each day. I appreciate you sharing your work with me and I will look for many of your photos of trees in the future. Trees have a special place in God’s heart I am sure since He used trees so many times within the scriptures.

  3. Dana said

    This is a great reminder of the hugeness of our God! Only the trees with the deepest roots survive!
    Once again, linking you to my website! http://www.LivingStones4Moms.com

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