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The Attributes of God!

Posted by Scott on October 24, 2007

The Solitariness of God!

The Decrees of God!

The Knowledge of God!

The Foreknowledge of God!

The Supremacy of God!

The Sovereignty of God!

The Immutability of God!

The Holiness of God!

The Power of God!

The Faithfulness of God!

The Goodness of God!

The Patience of God!

The Grace of God!

The Mercy of God!

The Love of God!

The Wrath of God!

The Contemplation of God!

These were written by A. W. Pink from the Providence Baptist Church.

-Scott Bailey 2007


6 Responses to “The Attributes of God!”

  1. 1alberich1 said

    I’m missing one here: The Origins of God. Please advise.

  2. qbaileys said

    Alberich, this was pulled from a site and is a work in progress. They are many more attributes of God. The Origins of God is one of many more if you want to get down to real attributes. I am not sure why this one was not on the site from A.W. Pink. Once I find a good article on this one I will add it. Thanks.

  3. Everyone is coming from somewhere and it is the purpose of education to find that out. Education replaces ignorance with open minds. People who think for themselves is the way forward. A world full of people that can and do think for themselves and don’t take on board second hand beliefs is a world where everyone leaves everyone alone, and everyone is free to think whatever they choose, to think

    • Scott said

      I will agree education has its place in society, but it is not for the purpose of thinking a person has it all figured out. Coach John Wooden once stated “It is what you learn after you know it all that counts”. The learning he is speaking of does not necessarily come from books or institutions, but from life. I have met some people that really had no formal education at all but were brighter, wiser, and more intelligent than most of the highest paid scholars in the land.

      Most of your statement, sadly, is very dangerous. “A world full of people that can and do think for themselves and dont take on board second hand beliefs is a world where everyone leaves everyone alone and everyone is free to think whatever they choose to think” is dangerous. However, someone can think and do as they please. In the end I am not sure that will not work out too well, but a person is free to go along in that direction if they wish. You see, I believe everyone will spend eternity somewhere. I believe only two places exist for eternity, heaven and hell. Our response to the question of whether to place our loyal trust in Jesus Christ as Lord & Savior or not to will determine our place in eternity. Now, since I believe this to the core of my mind and soul I would be extremely hate-filled if I did not try to move a person I thought was not a Believer in the direction of Jesus Christ. All I can do is share something we call the gospel with a person. Whether they accept this gospel or not is between them and God. I cannot force anyone to believe my way, but people who hate other people smile, say God loves them, God has a perfect plan for their life, tries to help them in monetary ways, but never share the truth of the good news of Jesus Christ with their neighbors, family and friends. This is false love to the highest degree and is mostly filled with hatred towards their fellow man. Think of this way, I see my neighbor stuck on a railroad track and look down the track to see a train roaring in his direction. I stand their and watch. I yell out to my neighbor “Hey, God loves you, is there anything I can do for you?”. He cant see the train coming nor hear it coming, so he simply say “No, nothing I need. I am in good shape.” The train is getting much closer and I continue to watch and tell my neighbor, “God has a perfect plan for your life, anything I can do for you today?” He smiles back at me and says, “Thanks, but I dont need that God stuff, but I will let you know if I do”. I just smile back and wave at him. I never tell him the train is coming. I never once try to pull him off the track. I just tell him all these nice little sayings we hear and watch at a distance as the train finally is on top of him and all he can do is look at me with a look as if to say “I am dead, why didnt you tell me this train was coming, now it is too late. I didnt know you hated me so much you would allow me to die this way.” This illustration is exactly what most evangelical Christians do today. I on the other hand, want to do whatever I can to get you off the track and safely away from that train if I can no matter what you might call me or think of me, if I really care like I have stated so many times before I will share with you about the train coming your direction. In reality, this train is eternal death and hell. Without a Savior, Jesus Christ, as ruler of ones life, I am afraid the hell bound death train is coming and will take someone out forever. As long as I have breath I must share the gospel, the good news with everyone I prompted to tell, educated or not. I cannot set aside and just leave people alone who might not have heard what is coming in their future.

      Now, having said that, I dont want to badger anyone about it although I might be rather stern about this truth I have…those who continue to do that are not of service to the Lord. I just want to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with every person I can and let God do His work on the hearts and lives of those He has chosen for His kingdom. This gospel is rather simple, but hard for many to digest. Jesus said for all must repent of your sins, believe and follow Him. What does that require? A heart felt, sorrowful repentance which realizes it is at odds with God. Until a person places their trust in Jesus Christ they are an enemy of the living God. At the moment of repentance, since all of us are not perfect or good enough to go to heaven apart from a belief in Jesus Christ, God made a way for us by sacrificing Jesus on the cross for our sins…so once we confess before God and ask His forgiveness of our sin (past, present & future sins) and tell Him we want to commit our entire lives to following after Jesus Christ the rest of our lives, then will our lives be forever changed. I can tell you if this is done in sincerety not in a ritualistic way, a person will be saved. So many well educated people though, either have said a little prayer and claimed to be saved yet live like they are headed to hell or claim to be too smart to believe in such fairytales. It is possible to so educate onesself they think themselves to be as a god with no need for a savior. I testify today Jesus Christ said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life, no one comes to the Father but through Me”. Based on that one verse of Scripture no other way to heaven exist except through Jesus Christ.

      A famous verse that kind of sums up the gospel is this “God loved His people throughout the world so much, He gave His one and only Son, Jesus Christ, to die on a cross as a sacrifice for our sins, so whoever will place their undivided trust in Jesus Christ will not perish in hell for all eternity, but have life in heaven with Him forever.” This is the gospel in a nutshell…it is a paraphrase of John 3:16.

      I hope you can read this without anger and really think about it. I take it you are one seeking to be educated. I encourage you to put in your education schedule time to read the Bible…start in the gospel of John. Whether you believe it or not, you can still read it…people read fictional books all the time, so if someone thinks the Bible to be fictional, why not go ahead and read it as such. I happen to believe the Bible to the inspired Word of God not fiction, but someone not believing could still read the many stories in there…they are good reading none the less.

      Blessings to you and your education,

      • How could I be angry with you as your beliefs coincide exactly with mine. My last words were ambiguous and obviously open to misinterpretation.

        I apologise, sincerely, as the last thing I wanted was to upset anyone.

        However, even before religion came along,it is true that all men had God, it was a universal. This was entirely due to Gods desire to have a one to one relationship with every single individual on earth, which was possible because it was Gods will.

        The bible is made up of stories as you mentioned and if more people in christian countries read it then I’m certain that they would treat others better. That is after all God’s purpose, is’nt it, for people to treat strangers, and members of other groups, (those with different beliefs) better, to show tolerance and understanding towards others.

        Words cannot of themselves be dangerous. You imply otherwise which means that you believe that anyone can come along and tell someone something and be believed. This is true, and, dangerous.It is not the words but rather human nature that needs to change for the better, which might not be possible.

        If men everywhere did not believe other men what a peaceful world that would be. No more causes and no more going to war on account of a cause. What reason for going to war if some men could not convince others of the veracity of their argument. You need a lot of men on both sides to make a war and the sooner men stop listening, to other men, and being persuaded as to the cause and the virtue of going to war for it the better. It is not the sender therefore that is dangerous but rather the receiver, not the speaker but rather the listener and there are plenty of those!

        Excuse the last paragraph as this is my own personal hobbyhorse, an issue which I feel very strongly about, being a peace loving woman.

        I see you as a very sincere, genuine well meaning person who is altruistically inclined. All altruistics seek to help others, it is their nature, and you are one of the lucky ones in that being an altruistic has its own rewards. As Mother Teresa said, she was so grateful to the poor for giving her the opportunity of feeling Gods love herself, because thats what she felt when she was with them, for them.

        I’m 100% that you are 100% true about God and Jesus Christ but still think that you would never convince a person in a country which has another religion, such as Islam, Buddhism, Hindu or even Taoism. The main thing is to allow different peoples in the world their own religion because not in a million years would you be able to convert the country and its inhabitants to another, and therefore it would be a total waste of time. All that matters is that religions wherever they are make people treat other people as well as possible so that no religion can ever be said to cause humans harm, wherever they be, which is what God wants. God’s message above all is that humans learn to treat all humans, as they themselves would wish to be treated.

        You know yourself as I know myself and because of the self love we hold for ourselves no one can even if they tried cause offence to either of us. We are both immune to such a circumstance.

        I hope that in your life you turn many to the one God because that obviously is God’s will for you. You are one of the few chosen by God to convert people to his way. We are all here for different reasons, and because it is Gods purpose for us all. our destiny, then no one should cause anyone else offence, it is after all predetermined and therefore inevitable. As far as I known you may disagree but if you do we will never upset each other because the world is big enough to hold varying viewpoints.

        All the souls that you save in your life, by bringing them to God and consequently turning them from being bad people to being good, people is what you were created for. I hope you have a truly rewarding and fulfilling life doing what you were created to do.

        Does God make all people good,the underlying assumption being that without God humans are naturally bad and therefore need to be saved from that badness?

        Even if we do disagree on certain points, is that not what makes the world go round, and is not everything at this moment in time simply the way it is created to be. Furthermore people everwhere are, as divine, as they allow themselves to think they are.

        I noticed that you used the word hate on several occassions, but I know myself and how harmless I am in terms of intent, you can at least believe this about me. I also believe in living and letting live, therefore someone would have to cause real (and not imaginary) harm to someone before I could bring myself to hate(them). Even then I know that it would be no more or less than the channelling of my own self hate.

        I do not think that it is anybody’s business to tell anyone else off. We are all of us equal in the eyes of God. It isn’t anybody’s business to chastise another. It is through life lessons that all people learn which removes from anybody else that responsibility.

        When humans stop judging other people the world will become much more peaceful. Telling people about God, is one thing but you are not called upon to judge them. It is not God’s wish that his chosen elect do that. Also people have minds that they can use and so can make up their own minds, they aren’t children after all, so you can’t pressurize them because that itself would be bad.

        There is no heaven and hell as far as I know. Rather it is is a misconception brought into existence by men, and is not God’s word.

  4. It is written: A woman shall compass a man and create a new thing in the earth (Jer 31:22), the man is Satan(Isa 14:16), the new thing is turning the hearts of the fathers to the children. Satan has deceived the whole world (Rev 12:7), until the heel of time(Gen 3:15). Check out the bruising of Satan at http://thegoodtale.wordpress.com

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