En Gedi: Finding rest in the wilderness!

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-From A Dad: God Has a Predestination For Your Life!

Posted by Scott on October 26, 2007

God has always had a plan for your life…Predestination is in simple terms a God ordained plan for our lives.   In His providential power he predestined you to do and be something.  That plan is at work at this very moment.  No matter what situation you are in at this very moment, He is working His plan perfectly.  Do not take the word perfectly to mean your life is perfect or should be perfect.  It simply means that everything is going according to His plan.  We do not say or do anything that causes God to second guess His plan nor are we shocking to Him.  We can rest assured that each moment of every day is in His plan.

*God has a path or trail for you to go down.  He has already been down this trail or pathway, because He created the path.  The Bible reveals God as being intimately commanding the direct happenings of this world, both in matters of prosperity and calamity as Isaiah 45:7 tells us.  People are often quick to give credit to God when circumstances are favorable, but when events turn for the worse suddenly God is forgotten as though He has no control over the crisis of life. Is not the giving of prosperity just as much the prerogative of God as the giving of catastrophe…He is the one that controls both? One thing is clear, God is still intimately involved with his creation and directs even the minimal happenings…commanding the elements, creatures, and any other created thing to do His will. Every great event and every crisis is directly from the hand of God.

“You will show me the path of life…” -Psalm 16:11

Psalm is full of the mention of moving us down paths or trails.  David was lead down different paths in his long track running from Saul.  Paths are what God created to assure us that we may be in human terms “new territory”, but as for God He charted the paths long before us.  Knowing this we can rest in our faith that He is sovereign over the affairs of His saints.

Part of this path is in the calling to accept Christ as savior.  God has a providential plan of redemption that is revealed with the scriptures.  We find that God’s forgiveness, acceptance, and adoption are obtained through repentance and faith as stated in Psalm 119:105.  Throughout the remainder of the path is the life beyond our salvation that is the real adventure.  It can be our experience of His commanding care upon our lives as we strive to live in holy obedience to His will.   God commanded the Ravens to feed Elijah….then god instructed a widow to feed and care for Elijah when the brook of Kerith dried up.  If He was commanding the care of Elijah He will command our care on a daily basis.  How big is the God you worship and serve?  Big enough to command anything or anyone to care for you and me.  It is down this path we will discover our God is far bigger than any box we may attempt to put Him in.

*God is always present with you even if you feel like you are all alone.   We can experience His complete and full joy as we encounter various trials and crisis on the path God has led us down.  His Holy Spirit will always abide with us as John 14:16 tells us.    God’s presence with us is evident in our constant and steady joy.  Even though we go through different  problems and even happy events we still have that underlying joy that is ever present.  This joy stems from a people that have meaning and purpose in their lives.  As one of God’s elect, I cannot ever get over the daily bubbling of joy that swells within me as I see the hand of God at work.  I use the word “bubbling” not as someone running around all giggly, but of one that has a confident joy that people can see even though they may know you are going through a straineous trial that should be crushing you.  God’s presence makes this all possibly.  Without His presence in your life that confidence turns to turmoil as life’s worst problems creep up on you. 

“In Your presence is fullness of joy….”  Psalm 16:11

The evidence in a Christians life is the Spirit filled life.  They are empowered to do a tremendous work for God.  They have a contageous fire within them to do the work of God without fail.  The Spirit-filled person accomplishes amazing things for God as only God’s power can accomplish such works through them.  It is not from us, but the Holy Spirit within us to accomplish the task at hand.  As the Holy Spirit guides and directs the paths we travel we are at peace that He is in full control working His plan every step of the way.   As His presence rest in our hearts and minds we can place all our cares upon Him.  This life is not about us or any of our accomplishments, but is completely and unabashedly about the glory of Jesus Christ and the furtherment of His kingdom.  The fullness of His presence produces great joy for all of us as we bask in His joyous communion.

*God has pleasures galore for you.  In the life of an authentic Christian the winds of sorrow will blow over us.  The darkness of crisis will seem to envelope us, but the mighty right hand of God is there to lift us out of the pit of dispond.  The predestined plan of God has in the end a glorious eternity where sorrow, sadness, tears, and darkness will never be seen again.  It is in our eternity that we will experience and embrace the true pleasures God for evermore.  Take this to heart and let it sink into your minds that we may never find pleasures as the world would describe while we roam this earth serving our Lord.  It is not for these pleasures that God created the human race.  It is not the pleasures of this world that God has predestined us.  His real pleasures are the reward of our election and hearty response to that call of Christ.  Those rewards are found in His eternity in heaven.  As Jesus said before He left this earth to be with His heavenly Father, He is going to prepare a place for us where we will live with Him for eternity.  God never intended for us to get so comfortable with the things of this life that we would not want to embrace heaven.  The money, cars, houses, vacations, fine food, fine clothes, and so on war at each of us internally and war against our desire to live for Christ.  It wars with our inner desire for heaven.  This is not a death wish, but a life long yearnig for that which is greater and eternal.  This unending pleasure in heaven is for all that accept the call of Christ in their life.  Say that to yourself right now….”Unending pleasure in heaven”.  Have you ever thought about “forever”?  Can you imagine in your mind right now the pleasures that await us in heaven and they will never end?  I get goose-bumps thinking about that.  With all the pleasures of this world it will not pell in comparison to the pleasures that God has created for us in eternity for eternity. 

“At Your right hand there are plasures for evermore.”  -Psalm 16:11

God’s predetermined plan or predestination is that we follow His path of life as to further His kingdom and bring Him greater glory.  He wants us to understand His presence with us always in dark times as well as very good times and that we learn how to live in both.  God’s pleasures are designed for us with an eternity in heaven as the final result of our acceptance of Jesus Christ and a hard serving life in Christ.  We can believe what God’s word tells us in Psalm 16:11.  Trust in Him.

-Scott Bailey (c) 2007


2 Responses to “-From A Dad: God Has a Predestination For Your Life!”

  1. Micky said

    Calvin located the reason of predestination solely in the absolute will of God. But by making God alone responsible for everything, Calvin abolished the free cooperation of the will in obtaining eternal happiness.

    Therefore he was logically forced to admit an irresistible efficacious grace, to deny the freedom of the will when influenced by grace, and to completely reject supernatural merits (as a secondary reason for eternal happiness).
    MICKY – http://micky-clontarf.blogspot.com/


  2. qbaileys said


    Sorry, I could not resist that. You calling yourself “the holy one of God” and “a gift to all people” was a bit over the top for me and in the next breath quote scripture….however, I laughed anyway:-)

    It is not easy to understand the Calvinistic biblical truth until you understand just how big our God really is. This theologoical point of view was understood by me as I prayed that God would increase my wisdom and knowledge of Him…God answered my prayer. I have never experienced such love in all my life than when I realized God chose me before the foundations of the world were layed out and there was absolutely nothing I could offer Him to make Him want me, but He chose me anyway….just like an adopted child that was wanted by their family rather than just born into it.

    I for one do believe, however, that Christ died for all people not just the elect (this is the only point I differ from Calvin on this), but only His elect will be able to respond to the Holy Spirit’s call for salvation. I believe that this was necessary in order for God’s perfect justice to be carried out in the end. God’s mercy and grace on the elect and His justice served on the non-elect….no one entering hell can say they entered innocently, because God is a “just” God. So, we are to spread the gospel to all people, because we do not know who the elect are, but the Holy Spirit does. Our job is to deliver the message and the Holy Spirit’s job is draw (drag) His chosen ones to salvation in Jesus Christ. I would challenge anyone to reconcile with God’s word 2 Peter 2:1…”they (false teachers) will cleverly teach their distructive heresies about God and even turn against their Master (Christ) who bought them….” This clearly states to me that Jesus Christ our Lord bought even them (died for non-elect too) on the cross even though they will not accept Him or cannot accept Him, because they are not chosen by the heavenly Father.

    Hope you find that deep theological peace in Christ you are seeking. I called you a “nut” in great humor, hope you will understand that!

    Pressing on in Christ,


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