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The Birth of the Emerging Church & One World Religion!

Posted by Scott on October 30, 2007

Faith Undone -“The Birth of the Emerging Church”

“Contrary to what many believe, the current emerging church movement was not initiated by a group of disillusioned young people who people were tired of organized religion and could only afford to meet in old coffee houses and run-down basements.”

1950’s: The emerging church was conceived by successful business guru, Peter Drucker. Drucker was greatly influenced by existential philosopher and Soren Kiekegaard and a student of philosopher, Martin Buber.

1957: Drucker wrote a book called, “Landmarks of Tomorrow”, speaking about the postmodern society that is on the horizon. Words like “purpose,” “emergent”, “new frontiers” and “disciplines” filled the pages.

Late 1960’s: Two new youth workers under Youth For Christ , Mike Yaconelli and Wayne Rice, wanted to change the way youth ministry was viewed and approached. They published a small book called “Ideas” and held their first conference in the 1970’s. They called the company Youth Specialties.

To read more on this article go to Faith Undone to read more.

-Scott Bailey 2007


3 Responses to “The Birth of the Emerging Church & One World Religion!”

  1. riddlej said

    While I see the Emergent Church as clearly off in their doctrine and historiography, I want to be careful that we don’t write off the unity in the Body of Christ that we really should have. To their credit, I think the Emergent Church is addressing a real concern in historical Christianity and that is the criticality among us and tendency to be more at odds with one another than with unbelievers. I think the Emergents are going about it the wrong way (i.e. by compromising truth and standards), but the historical church needs to start addressing this weakness. We live in a global society now and the gospel is spreading faster than it has ever before. If we are unprepared to meet the demands of globalism, then we are going to suffer and lose some who might otherwise be saved.

    I certainly am against one-world government and see it as the plan of Satan. But I also see God’s counterpart as the global church, the global Body of Christ, and we need to make sure we are building and edifying it through love and grace, in contrast to works and tyranny as State systems will do in order to build their own united worldly kingdom.

  2. qbaileys said

    I believe the orthodox churches to be the real cause of this because of their legalistic, condemning ways in the past that have driven people to look at other forms of church that has no resemblances of the past churches. For 50 plus years they have observed churches fighting with each other and yet condemning the same behavior in others outside the church.

    No doubt that the emerging church most likely knew something needed to change but they absolutely have gone in the wrong direction. In the orthdox churches the preachers needed to preach the entire word of God hell to grace not just the hell part. Looking down on people that may not live the same way we do is another area that needed improvement. The problems could have been changed by preaching the entire word of God and getting rid of the legalistic judgemental attitudes of the past and start really caring for each other and our neighbors.

    People within our own congregations can be hurting tremendously and we know it, but we do nothing about it. These are all areas that are biblical and need to be taught, but we do not have to revamp the entire church and water down the gospel and start entertaining people in order to get them to come to church. So, you are correct in many areas.

    One final point is that it will take decades to undo what the emerging church has started…this is the shameful part of it all. I am actually thinking that it will not be undone, because it will embrace the one world church that will usher in the anti-christ. That is a simple opinion though.

    Pressing on in Him,

  3. riddlej said

    Well it does seem to me that we are getting closer to end times. It seems what we are gearing up for is a one-world government against a global church. The stage is set, in effect, for the exact showdown Revelation describes. But people for centuries have thought the end was near when there was much more darkness to come. So while I believe the end entails the one-world Satanic Kingdom against the one-world Godly Kingdom, clearly we might have awhile before any real Armageddon starts appearing.

    I appreciate your blog a lot. Best to you.

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