En Gedi: Finding rest in the wilderness!

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-From A Dad: Avoiding Satan’s Inveiglement!

Posted by Scott on November 1, 2007

 Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.”  -1 Peter 5:8  NLT 

Do Not Stray from God’s word.  Today’s society gives the person so much to ponder on that Christians cannot tell the difference from activities that take away from our growth in Christ from the activities that will push us towards Christ.  Following the word of God and all its instructions is the key to life. 

    I used to wander off until you disciplined me;
      but now I closely follow your word.”  -Psalm 119:67 NLT

Have you ever heard or read the term “Mortification of Sin”?  This is a term I suppose was coined by the great Puritan Preacher John Owen.  Many people have misunderstood John Owen’s messages, but the mortification of sin is a key doctrinal element that all Christians must take into account.  You might be asking, “What is Mortification of Sin”?  It is simply put, to kill sin in your life or battle sin in order to kill it.  This is the on going fight and agony all true Christians face on a moment by moment basis.  Paul wrote about it in Ephesians speaking of wanting to do what is right, but ending up doing that which he did not want to do.  Paul was battling or mortifying sin in his life.  We are spirit filled if we find ourselves in the midst of a battle like this.  Sin should make us rueful almost despondent and our desire should be to kill that in whenever we realize it has occured.  Will we ever be perfect here on earth?  I would say “no”.  We are still in our sinful human element, but in heaven we will be perfected.  So, do not divagate from God’s word in order to “Mortify Sin” and fight off the snare Satan has placed in our path.

Do Not Strut your stuff.  Bombastic men and now days even women is to common an occurrence.  I see many even within the church “strutting” around like a rooster.  What a despicable display within the church much less outside the church.  If we cannot be real and humble even in church, what a tragic action on our part as Christians.  To display such pride in the church, how much more it is surely displayed outside the church.

“Pride goes before destruction,
       a haughty spirit before a fall.”  -Proverbs 16:18  NIV

As this verse of scripture tells us, destruction is waiting for us at the end of our pride.  God cannot stand a prideful, egotistical person.  So, when we find ourselves consumed by such cockiness we can rest assure that a fall is coming…God will pull the rug from underneath our well bred feet.  Pride is not becoming of the spirit filled Christian anyway.  There is no room for being exultant if the Holy Spirit is filling us.  When God’s word is digested on a daily basis in all seriousness pride and boastfulness will not come within an ear shot of your soul. 

Pride or pompousness brings about unstableness, over spending, extravagance, unruly behavior, horrible decision making, and so on.  Pride is the beginning of many other sins in our lives.  To kill a tree you have to kill the root first.  So, in order to mortify much of sin in our lives we need to kill the root cause which is pride.  Satan tempted Jesus with pride.  He tempted Adam and Eve with pride…they actually took the bait, but Jesus did not.  To be simplistic stay away from a pretentious, prideful heart and stop sticking your chest out and strutting your stuff, because in all actuality you do not have any stuff to strut.

Do Not Stoop or Bow to the level of this worlds sinful behavior.  Satan has been trying to change the way churches conduct worship and business for years now.  The Emerging Church is a classic example.  In order to get people away from God’s word he has the church experience tremendous growth, but not based on biblical principles.  His design is to attract us to buy into the worlds way of doing things, but it is OK to dress it up in Christian garb.  Satan has no problem with that…he still has control.  He can stand to be in a building with other Christians that are thinking they are worshipping God, but in fact God’s word is hardly if ever spoken.  Just by praising God will not push the enemy away…it is by speaking the actual word of God that Satan cannot tolerate.  The enemy knows the difference.

“Don’t let evil conquer you, but conquer evil by doing good.”  Romans 12:21 NLT

Everyday we need to set out under the authority of God’s word to do all the good in the name of Christ we can.  In our worship we should bathe the songs and services in His rich and bottomless holy word.  Conquering evil is not an easy task within our circles today, but we must fight daily to kill out sin and conquer evil.  In all things worldly do not incline yourself before it…be ready to stand firm in your convictions that you and your house will serve the Lord.

Do Not Stop growing in your faith.  Never stop listening to God.  Meditate on His word day and night.  “Never, never, never give in” as Winston Churchill would say.  This is a constant fight between good and evil.  To let down our guard for a moment will have us ending up depressed and non-effective for Christ. 

“All men will hate you because of me, but he who stands firm to the end will be saved.”  -Matthew 10:22 NIV

Stand firm in Christ.  As the spirit fills you daily the power that resides with the spirit is there available for you as well.  This power is for our us against the evils that fill the air.  Do not stop fighting our enemy until we are gone from this place and in eternity.  A fellow a couple of hundred years ago once stated the fight with Satan was so fierce and real one evening he was being oppressed by the enemy, so, he threw his ink blotter at Satan and it splattered against the wall.  He left the ink stain on the wall for the rest of his life as a clear and visual reminder of the fight we are in daily.  If Satan is not bothering you at all….you need to ponder within your soul if Christ is in you or how far from the path have you strayed.  Each day is a battle and being entrenched in the bible is the only way to combat these attacks with victory.   Never stop!

-Scott Bailey (c) 2007


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