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John Owen: Prince of Puritans!

Posted by Scott on November 1, 2007

History Is His Story

John Owen: Prince Of Puritans

Who was John Owen and why is he important to today’s Pentecostal minister?

By William P. Farley

The modern Pentecostal pastor may assume he has little in common with the 17th-century Puritans. After all, were they not rigid, sterile hypocrites who hated dancing, embarrassed sinners with scarlet As, and lived wooden lives devoid of spiritual power?

In fact, the truth is a different story. Probably no group of Christians has spent more time emphasizing the work of the Holy Spirit and the necessity of spiritual experience. Combining profound biblical insight with intense interest in the experiential work of the Holy Spirit, Puritanism (1560–1660) was the high-water mark of the Reformation. The tide has gone in and out since, but from this author’s perspective has not yet returned to the level occupied by the English Puritans.

We owe the Puritans a great debt. Their thoroughly biblical worldview supplied the matrix of presuppositions that many of the Western world’s rights and privileges have emerged from. Puritanism was the age of Newton, Bunyan, Milton, Cromwell, Locke, Owen, and other generation changers.

Further reading click on John Owen

-Scott Bailey 2007


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