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*Training Our Daughters in Purity!

Posted by Scott on November 13, 2007

Training Our Daughters in Purity

It is no secret that purity is not being taught enough to our young kids any more.  The pregnancy rate among young girls is only getting worse.  And the age of girls getting pregnant is getting younger & younger each year.  Can you imagine your 10 year old daughter pregnant?  I can’t, but they are out there.  Satan is out to steal our children’s purity.  As mothers we must teach our daughters the importance of remaining a virgin in all physical and emotional ways until they are married.  Today, it is to not just keep them pure for their future husband, it is too keep them healthy also.  There are diseases that can be caught just from kissing much less the obvious ones from being with multiple partners.  This is such an accepted way of life, a passage into adulthood, that to teach against premarital sex once again puts me on the outside of normal according to society.One approach we have taken with our children is to talk to them about what they are doing to their future mate if they chose to be in a physical relationship before they were married.  Saving their self emotionally and physically for their husband is like giving him a gift that no one else has opened.  Does he not deserve her whole heart?  When she stands before her friends and family on her wedding day and she says her vows she wants to bring only her whole self to her husband, not just what is left over after giving pieces of it away to other boys.  Saving her body for her husband is part of God’s plan for marriage.  Just like he wants our whole heart, our husbands deserve our whole heart also.

Click “Purity” for the rest of the story.  For more great articles go to Living Stones Ministry for Moms!

-Scott Bailey 2007


One Response to “*Training Our Daughters in Purity!”

  1. qbaileys said

    Expect much out our girls and much we will get. Although we are naturally sexual…we must discipline ourselves and keep control. We are not animals and we can control our sex drives. So, teaching daughters and sons purity is the only way they will not get diseases and be able to enjoy their future mates without shame. We as parents are instructed to teach our kids how one should live and control their urges. The way some talk, we should just let kids raise themselves. This is in direct contradiction to God’s plan. Someone has said to let God figure out who the sinners are….I am here to tell you we are all sinners…we are all born evil with a sinful bent in our hearts. However, some are chosen by God to be saved by His graciousness and mercy while others will spend an eternity in hell. This is a sad thing for those that will not accept Christ as the only way to heaven, but the fact is we are not God, so we cannot think as God thinks really.

    The truth of scripture remains that we are to uphold God’s word without shame and “train up our children in the way they are to go”. Although we may love people even those that may not remain sexually pure, it still does not make God’s word any less true. So, for the ones that have stated with such fervor that we cannot expect our daughters and sons to remain pure are purely wrong. Our children can and many will remain pure until marriage. They can do hard things when we as parents raise the bar of expectation for them. As long as the bar the parent sets for the kids remains in the gutter the kids will remain there as well. Set the bar high and encourage and love your children to achieve the level of spiritual purity that is palced above the average out here and sexual purity will follow.

    May God forgive those parents that think they can play “Russian Roulette” with their kids lives by not teaching them to remain pure. Bottom line: God gave me my children to raise as best I can with God’s grace on our lives. God gave you your children to raise under His instruction….if you plan to raise them a different way is your choice….just do not blame society, Christians, the Bible, God or anyone else for the results…the blame will rest directly with each parent when we stand before our savior someday and everyone will regardless if they have believed or not.


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