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Parents Acting Like Teenagers!

Posted by Scott on November 21, 2007

Dr. Mohler’s Blog

“Freak Dancing” — When Parents Advocate Misbehavior

The Wall Street Journal is out with one of the those eye-opening stories that defies common moral sense. It seems that Jason Ceyanes, the 35-year-old superintendent of schools in Argyle, Texas, decided to crack down on sexually-suggestive dancing at the local high school. But, when the superintendent banned “freak dancing,” he got into trouble with some of Argyle’s parents.

Here is how The Wall Street Journal introduced its account of the controversy:

A new resolve by school officials in this booming Dallas suburb to crack down on sexually suggestive dancing — and skimpy clothing — has sparked a rancorous debate over what boundaries should be set for teenagers’ self-expression. Argyle joins a long list of other schools around the country that have banned the hip-hop inspired dancing known as “grinding” or “freak dancing.”

But in Argyle, a once-sleepy farming community strained by explosive growth from an influx of well-to-do suburbanites, the controversy has gotten vicious. Some parents blame the newly installed school superintendent, Jason Ceyanes, 35, for ruining their children’s October homecoming dance by enforcing a strict dress code and making provocative dancing off-limits. Disgusted, a lot of kids left, and the dance ended early.

Mr. Ceyanes says he fears current cleavage-baring dress styles combined with sexually charged dancing could lead to an unsafe environment for students.

“This is not just shaking your booty,” he said. “This is pelvis-to-pelvis physical contact in the private areas…and then moving around.”

“Freak dancing” is well known throughout the nation, and it involves what can only be described as “sexually charged” physical contact and movement. But many of the kids in Argyle were “disgusted” that freak dancing was banned at the homecoming dance, so they left. That might be fairly easy to understand. After all, adolescents are expected to exhibit adolescent patterns of misbehavior. What makes this story so interesting is that so many parents responded by joining their adolescents in immature response. In fact, their protest of the superintendent’s policy is shocking.

As the paper explained, “Many parents support Mr. Ceyanes’s actions. But another vocal faction has been harshly critical of the new superintendent, creating a deep rift in the community. These parents defend the children of Argyle as ‘good kids,’ and say they should be trusted to dance and dress the way they want.”

Here is one of the moral hallmarks of our confused age. Parents defy authority and propriety and justify the misbehavior of their own children while calling them “good kids.” In this case, they argue that these “good kids” should be allowed “to dance and dress the way they want” — even if that means sexually suggestive dress and sexually charged dancing.

Mr. Ceyanes held a public meeting for parents and played a video of freak dancing. “I cannot imagine that there is a father in this room who could watch this video and be all right with a young man dancing with his daughter in that fashion,” he told the parents.

This is further evidence of a trend long in coming. Fashion styles for adult women now mimic those of adolescent girls. Why? So many moms want to act like teenagers and dress as provocatively as their offspring. Far too many parents want to act like their teenagers’ friends and peers, not like parents. Parents, after all, are expected to act like adults, and this is a society that depreciates adulthood and valorizes adolescence.

When a story like this makes the front page of The Wall Street Journal, something significant has shifted on the moral landscape. When parents demand that their “good kids” be allowed to freak dance at school events, the real story shifts from the kids to the parents.


The Wall Street Journal also features this video coverage of the story [go here].  We discussed this issue on Tuesday’s edition of The Albert Mohler Program [listen here].

-Scott Bailey 2007


4 Responses to “Parents Acting Like Teenagers!”

  1. Teri said

    This is very enlightening and horrifying at the same time. My husband and I have home schooled our four children since 1992. I realize that does not mean that our children or others home schooled are without fault–nervertheless, they have not had to contend with such rediculous and obscene issues like freak dancing.
    It is sad to see adults act like such babies!!!
    Hats off to an administrator who has guts to stand up to those parents!!!!
    Teri in the south

  2. qbaileys said


    This is one reason so many Home School their kids. The shame in this article is that many of the parents spoken about most likely call themselves a Christian family and attend church weekly. We have home schooled our kids since 1996 as a calling from God upon our lives and the lives of our kids, but the added benefit is not having them exposed to the vileness that is creeping into the godless public school system.

    You guys are on the right track by keeping your kids out of the public school system and if possible out of the private Christian school system as well. Many of those are not much better than the public schools. Continue in your quest to raise your kids according to your God given freedom allows. This country was not built by people with cookie cutter mentalities, but by independent thinkers with God given individual ideas. Your kids I am sure are greatly appreciative of their home education and exposure to their parents.

    This school administrator in Argyle, Texas needs to be encouraged to keep up the fight against this junk being exposed to the kids…I am sure he is very much under attack. This is rare for someone within a public school to speak out against something like this. If you do not stop now with this type of dancing next it will extend to them actually involved in sexual acts publically as well at these dances. It is just one more step towards the Baal worship from biblical times.

    Great to have you comment…come again anytime.

    Pressing on in Him,

  3. Honest Argyle said


    Since your post, the AISD school board has voted to fire Dr Ceyanes. The above forum is filled with hate and venom, in recent days comparing Dr Ceyanes to polygmists and cult leaders. They ridicule prayer and fasting. Our town is being destroyed.

  4. Scott said

    Why did it take this terrible turn? I have not kept up with this very much beyond the post which was copied from Dr. Mohler who is a national radio celeb.

    It is a shame that this small town relative to most around it has come to this. I will read the comments that you have sited here and comment back later. I regret that the school board did not back him further and the parents involved on each side could not come to some soluton for this. I one can only see the dancing that is going on to be getting further and further down the road to where eventually it will be outright sex in public and in some areas of the country this is happening in public and in churches. We cannot allow these kids to ruin their lives…we must expect more from them. Did you know that the words teenager and adolescence was not even in the vocabulary in the late 1940’s? However, now these teenagers are allowed to do whatever they want to with parental concent.

    Anyway, I want to encourage you to stay in there…even though the school board has fired Dr. Ceyanes, do not give up the fight and hold your ground on this…many of the adolescence parents there only want their way at any cost. I hope that someday these parents grow up, because they will need to be grown up to deal with what these kids will do someday that will absolutely embarrass them, cost them more than they really ever intended, and age them quickly…those kids will need a grown up adult to help them through the times to come.

    In Christ,

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