En Gedi: Finding rest in the wilderness!

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-From A Dad: Praying Dads Through Psalm 119-Week One!

Posted by Scott on November 29, 2007

Each day of our lives takes on new meaning.  As a dad of 10 children, each day for me is heavily weighed upon my back. In my efforts to make sure I pray according to God’s will I started using Psalm 119 as my guide.  I can identify with David in so many ways as he had a time in En Gedi running for his life from false accusers and slanderers.  This prompted me to pray through different sections of Psalm 119 each day in my words as I pray using Psalm 119 as a basic guide.  So, the prayers are based on the passages, but many of the words come from a groaning deep within my heart as the Spirit influenced them to be uttered.  I encourage any reader to use this as a simple guideline to utter your own prayers.  Remember, the prayer Jesus uses that is call “The Lord’s Prayer” is a model of prayer, not a prayer that needs to be recited word for word all the time, but as Christ said “pray like this”.  All the honor and glory belong to our Lord Jesus Christ.


Psalm 119:1-8

-Day One-

“Lord Most High, how joyful I am as You grow my integrity through the troubles of life You draw me into and as I strive to follow your word.  Anyone that obeys your commands and decrees will be happy and joyful all the days of our life.  Heavenly Father, I search for You with all my mind and heart.  Each day I work hard not to compromise with evil, for my hearts desire is only to walk the trails You have set before me.  Sovereign Lord, you have charged me to keep Your commandments carefully.  I pray that my actions and choices will consistently reflect Your principles.  When I compare my life to Your commands I will not be disgraced.  As I learn of Your righteous laws each day, Lord, I want to thank You by living as I am suppose to as I am now free to do.  I want to be to the praise of Your glory all the days of my life.  Gracious Father, I will obey Your principles, so, please don’t give up on me.  Lord, I look for Your new mercies each day.  AMEN.”


Psalm 119:9-16

-Day Two-

“O Glorious Lord, how can a young person stay pure?  By being obedient to Your word and following each of Your instructions carefully.  I am seeking after You with all my heart and soul.  Father, please, never let me wander away from Your commands and Your word.  It is daily I hide Your word deep into my heart, so that I can fight off the sin that wants to prevail against You, my Lord.  Bless You, my King, please, keep teaching me Your principles.  I recite each and everyday in my heart all the scripture You have hidden there.  I am rejoicing in Your mighty promises and instructions more than even in great wealth.  Sovereign Father, I will continue to meditate on Your ways.  It is so wonderful to be delighted in Your principles, Your instruction, and help me, O Lord, to not forget Your infallible word.  AMEN.”


Psalm 119:17-24

-Day Three-

“Almighty God, please be gracious to Your humble servant, so that I can  llive and obey Your word.  Please, help me to open the eyes to my heart and see Your wonderful truths that are all throughout the scriptures.  As a chosen child of Yours, my heavenly Father, I am a stranger in this world.  Daily I am in great need  of Your guidance from the commands in Your word.  O my Providential God, please never hide Your word from me.  Today, I am so overwhelmed with a deep desire for Your word.  Lord, You are holy to the point of rebuking those proud people who have rejected Your word and Your truth.  My Lord, please don’t let them ridicule and insult me, for I have labored to obey Your commands.  Although people in high places may speak out against me, even so I will continue to meditate on Your truth and Your principles.  Sovereign Father, Your word is pleasing to my soul.  Your word gives me the wise advice I need on a daily basis.  AMEN.”


Psalm 119:25-32

-Day Four-

Merciful Father, I set here as though in a heap of ashes and dust completely discouraged and depressed.  Please, revive me with Your comforting word.  My plans have been revealed to You from within my own heart and You have answered me.  O Lord, teach me Your principles and truth.  Help me to understand what You are saying within Your word and I will meditate on Your wonderful miracles of the past along with each beautiful event.  This day, I just caught up with tears and grief over my current troubles.  Lord, please send me encouragement by Your wonderful word.  Keep me from beating myself up everyday, and grant me the privilege of knowing and experiencing Your truth.  I have chosen in my mind to be faithful, I have decided to live by Your awesome instructions as I cling to Your every word.  Glorious Father, please, don’t let me be put to shame.  If You will give me the help I need, I will certainly run with all my might and speed to follow Your commands.  AMEN!”


Psalm 119:33-40

-Day Five-

“My Majesty on high, teach me to follow closely after You.  Teach me to follow every single one of Your principles and instructions.  Lord, please help me to understand Your commands, so, I will be obedient to You; For I strive to practice Your ways with my whole heart.  Push me along the trails of Your commands, this is the place I will find true joy.  Father, I want a desire and eagerness for Your word that cannot be quenched.  Help me not to seek out after money and materialism so that nothing can come between our relationship!  Lord, place blinders on my eyes so that I cannot focus on worthless worldly ideas, but do grant me a life that is solidly founded on Your holy word.  Father, show me with reassurance of Your ways, which will bring about honor to Your name.  My gracious Lord, I do not want to live in my former selfish ways with shameful desires.  All I desire is to live in accordance to Your clear instructions.  Father, I so long to be obedient to Your commands.  Please, renew my life today with all of Your graciousness and goodness that is in You.  May the life I live be to the praise of Your glory always. AMEN!”


This is the first week of prayers in Psalm 119:1-40.  The second week is forth coming.  I do hope that someone can be blessed by it and that it may in some way help you to pray when words are hard to come by.  I have been through the dry spells before when words just were not there and I did not know what to pray.  I understand what it is like to set there early in the morning wanting to speak wtih God, but nothing comes out…our Lord understands this as well.  The Holy Spirit can draw prayers out of us and God’s word is full of model prayers to help us get out what we are trying to say or to simply get started.  Do not be discouraged, God is there waiting to hear from you when your heart is so inclined to speak with Him.  May the Lord bless and answer each prayer.

-Scott Bailey (c) 2007




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