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-From A Dad: Short Stories on those Suffering For Their Faith!

Posted by Scott on December 6, 2007

Throughout the life of what we know as the church today many have suffered greatly for the cause of Christ.  Hundreds have been martyred for their faith in Christ.  Here are a few quick stories about some that have suffered for their faith at the hands of Islamic extremist.

Kamerino:  He left his village one morning with three friends looking for food.  After accidently running into Islamic soldiers, the four boys hid in a field of tall dry grass.  Islamic soldiers surrounded the field and set it on fire to drive out the childre.  Three of the boys were abducted while Kamerino was engulfed in the flames.  R+Though burned from head to toe, he miraculously managed to survive.

Damare:  He left the camels his Muslim owner had assigned to watchso he could go to church.  One of them escaped.  When the owner discovered Damare had gone to church and lost a camel, he nailed to boy’s legs to a board to punish him.  Then he left Damare to die.  Thankfully, a Christian man rescued him.

Abuk Ajing:  She was 14 years old when Islamic soldiers raided her village.  For refusing to convert to Islam, the soldiers beat her and mutilated her chest with a large knife.  Today, 10 years later, she still bars the scars of her faith, yet she knew that it was Jesus who gave her strength to endure the torture.

I ran across a ministry the other day called Voice of the Martyrs.  This ministry is to sustain to saints around the world.  Visit www.persecution.com to read more about how you can get involved in this vital minstry to those perseuted for their faith in Christ.  How many of us really could withstand such brutality?  In the world today there is probably more people suffering for Christ is very barbaric ways, however, they are taking the suffering painfully, but in full hope that Christ return will be soon.

-Scott Bailey (c) 2007


2 Responses to “-From A Dad: Short Stories on those Suffering For Their Faith!”

  1. christfollower said

    Excellent reminder about our brothers and sisters in foreign countries who are suffering for the cause of Christ. I have really appreciated The Voice of the Martyrs for the updates on areas of persecution and the testimonies of the faith of those who cling to the cross despite the violent opposition to them.

    I’m glad I came across this site. Your resources are great and useful!

    The Christ Follower Blog

  2. […] -From A Dad: Short Stories on those Suffering For Their Faith! […]

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