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My Guest Post by Dana Bailey: Where to begin…?

Posted by Scott on January 11, 2008

Where to begin…?

I am beginning my 1000 Gift List.  I don’t know how long it will take me to get to 1000, but I pray that I will not just make it, but surpass it.  When I think of all that I have been given by my God I just don’t know where to start in writing them down.  So, I will just start with what is around me first & let him remind me as I go.


1.  The view from my window as the sun is setting in the trees in the evening of day.

2.  The way my husband makes a point to tell me good bye, kiss me, tell me he loves me and to have a good day every morning before he leaves for work.

3.  The 8 year old boy who has to hug me at least 10 times everyday.

4.  The 16 yr old daughter who likes to tell me what she reads in her Bible.

5. The 11 yr old (almost 12 he reminds me) who loves to make me laugh.

6.  Caller ID

For more great post by Dana Bailey go to LivingStones.

-Scott Bailey 2008


One Response to “My Guest Post by Dana Bailey: Where to begin…?”

  1. tharian m kurian said

    If i count my gift list surely you are there ma’m (Dana Bailey) in the top range. your friendship is unique and really a gift of God.
    lovingly tharian m kurian

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