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We Are Becoming What We Love!

Posted by Scott on January 16, 2008


by A.W. Tozer

We are all in process of becoming. We have already moved from what we were to what we are, and we are now moving toward what we shall be. The perturbing though is not that we are becoming, but WHAT we are becoming; not that we are moving, but TOWARD WHAT we are moving. Not only are we all in process of becoming; WE ARE BECOMING WHAT WE LOVE. We are to a large degree the sum of our loves and we will of moral necessity grow into the image of what we love most. Our loves changes, molds and transforms us.

What we love is therefore not a small matter to be lightly shrugged off; rather it is of present, critical and everlasting importance. It is prophetic of our future. It tells us what we shall be, and so predicts accurately our eternal destiny. Loving the wrong objects twists and deforms the life and makes it impossible for that life to image the Lord Jesus Christ. This furnishes in part a rational explanation for the first and greatest commandment: “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.” To become like God is and must be the supreme goal of all moral creatures. This is the reason for their existence, and apart from this reason there can be no excuse found for existence. (Thus the hopelessness of our day.)

While perfect realization to the Divine image awaits the day of Christ’s appearing, the work of restoration is now going on. There is a slow but steady transmutation of the base metal of human nature into the gold of Godlikeness effected by the faith-filled “gaze of the soul at the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.” (II Cor. 3:18)

LOVE? Oh, how such a simple word is so difficult for most to grasp! And then to “LOVE GOD” WITH ALL MY BEING?? Love is so unpredictable! Does it mean that I FALL IN LOVE? No, the love we have for God is not the love of FEELING, but the love of WILLING. We do not come to love God by a sudden emotional visitation.

Love for God results from repentance, amendment of life and a fixed determination to love Him. (But how can you love a God you do not know? J.S.) As God moves perfectly into the focus of our hearts our love for Him rises and sweeps everything else out of the way. We should set our hearts to love God supremely, however hard they may seem to be at the moment.

Now I would hasten to disclaim all sympathy with the popular SALVATION-BY-WILLPOWER cults. I am in radical disagreement with all forms of quasi-Christianity that depends upon the “latent power with us” or trust to “creative thinking” instead of the power of God. All these paper thin religious philosophies bread down at the same place – in the assumption that the stream of human nature can be made to run backward up over the falls. This it can never do.


No we are here trying to establish that human nature is in a formative state whether you be a Christian or not. Men and women are being molded by their loves, shaped by their affections and powerfully transformed. In this unregenerate world of Adam this produces day-by-day tragedies of cosmic proportions. Think of the power that turned a pink cheeked boy into a Nero or a Himmler. And was Jezebel always the “cursed woman” whose head and hands the very dogs, with poetic justice, refused to eat? No once she dreamed with girlish delights, but soon she became interested in evil things, admired them and went on at least to love them. Thus Jezebel, like clay in the potter’s hand was slowly turned into what she was.

For His own children our heavenly Father has provided right moral objects for admiration and love.

The FIRST IS RIGHTEOUSNESS. Our Lord “loved righteousness and hated iniquity.” (Hebrews 1:9) Here the pattern is fixed. To love is also to hate. The heart that is drawn to righteousness will be repulsed by iniquity in the SAME DEGREE. The holiest man is the one who loves righteousness most and hates evil with the most perfect hatred.

The NEXT IS WISDOM. So high do the OT writers place wisdom that sometimes we can scarcely distinguish the wisdom that comes from God from the wisdom that is God.

Another object for Christian love to fix upon is TRUTH, and again we have difficulty separating the truth of God from God Himself. Christ said, “I am the Truth,” and in so saying joined truth and the Deity in inseparable union. To love God is to love truth, and to love truth with steadfast ardor is to grow toward the image of truth and away from the lie and error. (Read Paul in Phil. 4:8)

(By:A.W. Tozer, Christian Publications, Inc.)

-Scott Bailey 2008


3 Responses to “We Are Becoming What We Love!”

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  2. I read Tozer 25 years ago and he has drastically shaped my life. Thanks for posting this classic.

  3. qbaileys said


    I was introduced to Tozer by my pastor, Chuck Swindoll…what a tremendous impact Tozer made on Chuck and thus my life as a result. It is always great stuff everytime I read what God has taught him.

    Pressing on in Him,

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