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Do You Rejoice in God’s Sovereignty?

Posted by Scott on January 19, 2008

by Horatius Bonar

If I admit that God’s Will regulates the great movements of the universe I must admit that it equally regulates the small. It must do this, for the great depend upon the small. The minutest movement of my will is regulated by the will of God. And in this I rejoice. Woe is me if it be not so. If I shrink from so unlimited control and guidance, it is plain that I dislike the idea of being wholly at the disposal of God. I am wishing to be in part at my own disposal. I am ambitious of regulating the lesser movements of my will, while I give up the greater to His control. And thus it comes out that I wish to be a god to myself. I do not like the thought of God having all the disposal of my destiny. If He gets His will, I am afraid that I shall not get mine. It comes out, moreover, that the God about whose love I was so fond of speaking, is a God to whom I cannot trust myself implicitly for eternity. Yes, this is the real truth. Man’s dislike at God’s sovereignty arises from his suspicion of God’s heart. And yet the men in our day, who deny this absolute sovereignty, are the very men who profess to rejoice in the love of God, – who speak of that love as if there were nothing else in God but love. The more I understand of the character of God, as revealed in Scripture, the more shall I see that He must be sovereign, and the more shall I rejoice from my inmost heart that He is so.

-Scott Bailey 2008


2 Responses to “Do You Rejoice in God’s Sovereignty?”

  1. If God is sovereign in the manner in which you speak, and regulates even the smallest movements of the universe, then it also regulates “man’s dislike of God’s sovereignty” – or perhaps, more accurately, the sovereignty of your particular idea of God. In any case, your God, sovereign in the mannner in which you describe, obviously wouldn’t have it any other way than to have “man,” or, more accurately, some men, dislike His sovereignty – otherwise, the smallest particle of such dislike could not exist.

    Logically, it becomes impossible not to do God’s will. The criminal and saint do it equally and there is no basis for moral discrimination.

  2. qbaileys said

    First of all you are responding to something written by Horatius Bonar of the 1800’s not my words…it is funny that reference this to me…I am honored that anyone would think I wrote it. However, I tend to agree with Horatius.
    My God is big enough and sovereign enough to do as He pleases. He created man for His purposes not ours. We are only here because He allowed us to be here, because He “predestined” us to be here. Our will is only as free as it lines up with His predestined plan. This is not easy for any of us to understand, and I do not pretend to understand it all. In the scriptures it tells us that “God sets Kings on their thrones”…He does as He chooses and picks who He chooses.
    The fact that God has a plan for our life which is already set in place and cannot be altered by our stupidity…God could not trust something so great as His perfect plan to a sinful man…are you kidding me. Man would not choose to move towards God if He left to us alone. We do not have the capacity to answer to the call of the Holy Spirit without God setting this spark in our hearts before we were ever born. For many think they just choose out of man’s own power, which cannot be if God is to remain sovereign and most powerful…man wants to believe they have some power to choose without any influence from God. However, man does not. We are powerless in the hands of our creator. No one comes to Jesus unless the Holy Spirit “draws” him. “Draw” in this sense is translated like “to drag” someone. So, we cannot resist the gracious call of God in our lives if that is the plan God has already set for us. This would be His elect…the Holy Spirit brings us to the Father!
    I do not have enough time or room to address this completely in these comments, but the God I know and live for each day is sovereign. He is far bigger than any scientific formula or answer, any atheistic point of view…He is far larger than the God the church growth movement preaches about. My God is big enough to keep this world in perfect time all the time, take care of His people, and listen to our prayers all at the same without flinching. He is far bigger than anything I have described here as well.
    God’s elect are justified by Jesus death on the cross. God’s elect are saved by His perfect irresistable grace as a result of Jesus death on the cross and that He chose us before the foundations of the world were ever made. Now, Jesus death on the cross is the justification for all the world, which becomes a death sentence for many who will never believe because God has not chosen them. This is hard for man to take I know…but “God’s thoughts are not our thoughts nor are our ways His ways” so why do we argue that we have any real decision in the matter, God uses man for His purposes not ours. We are here to glorify God…end of story.

    thanks for your comments.


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