En Gedi: Finding rest in the wilderness!

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-From A Dad: Come to the Lord With An Obedient Heart!

Posted by Scott on January 25, 2008

Selfishness has invaded our society unlike we have ever seen or heard of.  However, selfishness is not anything new.  It is refreshing as the fresh whitest snow in the middle of a cold winter day in the Rockies to speak with or read about someone that was absolutely selfless in his prayers and actions.

King Solomon was such a man.  Although he was king, Solomon did not take that position lightly.  As God said He would give Solomon anything he asked for.  With that opportunity I can only imagine the thoughts running through your minds as you read this.  “Oh boy, I want riches, glory, honors galore, houses, land, cars, stuff, stuff, stuff…that is what I would ask for.”  King Solomon simply asked that God would grant him the wisdom to lead and advise His chosen people.  He thanked God for trusting him with day to day judgements upon His people.  Solomon did not ask for any possessions, honors, glory or anything of the such.  Solomon even equated himself to a mere servant of the Lord. 

I found four ideas rolled out before us in King Solomon’s prayer that can be a guide for us when we set down to pray in the morning.  By no means is this a system of praying or some magical list of do’s.  However, we can use Solomon’s great example of praying selflessly to our most sovereign Lord.

1. Come to the Lord thankfully, full of praise, and with a sincerely humble heart.  Picture in your mind that you are prostate before your almighty sovereignn God.  He listens to the hearts of His people as they cry out to Him in humble adoration.

2. Pray to the Lord in true humility.  We cannot come to God with an ounce of arrogance on our breath or it will be a sour stench to the nostrils of our most holy Lord.  He is looking to favor those who’s heart has the truth that flows freely, trust worthiness, humility, and honesty to pour out what God wants to hear.  He is looking for that desire of an obedient heart…He can see straight through our outward actions to the heart.  God is looking for those David like hearts…not perfection.

3. Come to God as we really are…servants of the most awesome Lord.  It does not matter our title, whether that be President of this great country, president of a large company, King of some distant country, pastor of mega-church, house keeper, house wife, trashman, doctor or whatever the title….before our God we are all mere servants called out to serve Him.  We cannot for one instance boast to this world or God of something we have done or said that is of our own power that is of any good to God.  Our glory and honor rest in our Savior and Lord.  Anything that is good and glorious that our energy has done was from the power of the Holy Spirit at God’s instruction.

4. Ask how we can bless God’s elect, His chosen people with our gifts, talents and life.  This is all we have to offer…this empty vessel that needs to be filled with God’s mighty power on a daily basis.  Pray for wisdom, courage, strength, and knowledge that comes only from God Himself.  When someone puts you on a pedestal, get right back down again.  Never allow yourself to stay up on that pedestal for long or you will start to believe what everyone is telling you and somehow inch your way to feeling as though God cannot live without you.  You will receive many praise from caring people, but always divert that praise to God immediately so that your head does not swell with greatness.

We need to all remember that obedience is what delights our Lord…obedience from His chose ones is the sweetest smell He loves.  He looks all across our world looking for those souls that are His, with humble tender hearts, that want nothing less than to be obedient to Him regardless of the cost.  Obedience will not be easy, glorifying, and many cases joyful….no matter, it is in pleasing our sovereign Lord with our obedience that is of most importance.

-Scott Bailey (c) 2008


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