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WARNING: Young Men Watch the Dangers of the Love of Pleasures!

Posted by Scott on February 11, 2008

As a young man myself one time in the past I can tell you our passions are at their strongest.  At the age of 18 to 25 the discovery of young women can be tremendous.  Today, it is far too easy to slip off into these passions as they lead to a daily life of sinfulness.  As a youth you will cry so loudly to indulge in all the pleasures that come your way without a vision for the consequence or sinfulness of the indulgences.  Guys, when you are so young death does not enter your thoughts, because you are strong, powerful, smarter than anyone else, able to skip around death.  However, I must warn you not to fall for the lie that the pleasures of this life are satisfying, because they will leave you with a huge hole in your life that cannot be filled by anyone except Christ…our life is all about the glory of Jesus Christ.

Titus 3:3

You might be asking what is wrong with a young man sowing his wild oats first?  What is wrong with getting drunk, gambling, “grind” dancing, going out with many women or partners, and anything like this you may ask?  Many of us including myself know too well about some or all of these activities and more with bitter experience.  Realize guys that anything that satisfies the flesh will only be gratifying momentarily….the aftermath is where it gets rough.  Be on your guard is what I can advise you.  2 Timothy 3:4 tells us not to be “lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God.”

God wants to prepare your soul for use in His kingdom.  His desire is that you be devoted to Him from your youth throughout your entire life.  No where in scripture can we substantiate that “wild oat sowing” is a right of passage.  That is man made not God made.  Most of how young men are raised today that seems right is from a worldly point of view not scriptural point of view.

By living in a manner that is not worthy of God is to live in such a way that could eventually harden your heart to the word of God.  Creating a hard callous around your heart is not good.  1 Peter 2:11 “Abstain from fleshly lusts, which wars against the soul.”    Guys we must kill out sin in our lives everyday….scripture calls it to “mortify sin”. 

If you are a young man living an openly sinful life I encourage you to stop and turn your life back over to God now.  That life style will leave you empty, unsatisfied, and it is all in vain.  We are living for our heavenly home, not for ourselves on this earth.  You will hear far too many times that “you must take care of yourself or live for yourself or live for today”.  Do not fall for this lie of the world.  It is a lie….take it from someone that has been there.  To quote J.C. Ryle, “All is not gold that glitters.  All is not good that tastes sweet.  All is not real pleasure that pleases for a time.”  Remember this younger guys or even older guys that refuse to grow up. 

Guys, to state it plainly here.  Stay away from sexual impurity, adultery, fornication and any such sinful acts including the popular homosexual alternative lifestyle.  Above all others this sin against the natural order of God will scar your heart, mind, and life forever.  Yes, God can restore you if you have already fallen in this area…get on your knees today and repent.  He can really restore you.  But if you are just thinking of taking this road because your mind tells you it looks good, must feel good and what a story you will have afterwards take this as a warning.  God has designed all of us to act in a certain respectful way that brings glory to Him not a clone of someone else….acting contrary to this is to separate you from your God.  This separation is dark, lonely, quiet, tragic, and this pit is very cold and deep.  Stay out of this pit!

My prayer is that someone reading this might stop and think before they go down this dark trail.  God is not a joy kill…He knows what is ahead of us and the providential plan He has for us, so let’s try to keep our focus on the word of God and glorifying His holy name with our life.  We all need to get an eternity mindset rather than a “all for me now” mindset.

Pressing on in Christ,



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