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Post Modernism and the Emergent Church Movement…..!

Posted by Scott on February 28, 2008

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This is a great You Tube video with Dr. Mohler Jr, Dr. R.C. Sproul, and Dr. Ravi Zacharia on the Post Modernism and the Emergent Church movement. 



The roots of the Emergent Church and “Relevance” by the late Francis Schaffer:



Why do I keep posting on this heresy movement?  If I am to speak truth on this blog and help dads, husbands and men in general the truth must be spoken.  Each dad, husband and man needs to be doctrinally sound and not swayed back and forth by this Emergent Movement or heresy as it really is.  So, I post what I know and that of anyone else that has the truthful biblical take on this.  Guys, the most important thing you can do for your family and friends is to stay very close to the Word of God in all of its glory…if you will focus on the spiritual aspect of your own life and stick to the truths of old and teach this to your wife, children, family, and friends…then you will succeed in this life and be prepared for our life eternally.

“People get so used to the dark that they think it is growing brighter.

It is possible to fraternize with unbelievers until false doctrine becomes less and less objectionable.”

-Vance Havner

-Scott Bailey 2008






9 Responses to “Post Modernism and the Emergent Church Movement…..!”

  1. Tyler said

    Hey Scott-
    I think these men are describing more of general postmoderns, not necessarily postmodern Christianity. None of these men seem to understand the difference between emergent and the emerging church. With any movement there are people who take orthodoxy too far, who are people I disagree with. It just isn’t fair for these men to say that the emerging church is promoting pluarity, and relativism. I just don’t see this being true.

  2. Scott said

    Keep watching, listening, studying and praying. I have a tremendous amount respect and confidence in each of these men and many other, but mostly of the scriptures themselves. If they did not line up scripturally I would not listen to them, but I have read them, listened to them, put what they have said up against scripture and watched their lives….these are rocks in the true doctrines of Christ that will not be moved by any Emergent movement. If a person does not want to understand he won’t…that has been the case for the ages. My main points in bringing this all out is I do not want to be wrong on the truth or see people end up with the goats at the end of their lives ready for eternal slaughter in hell…that is tragic to be wrong on what is truth and what is not. Hopefully you believe in a literal hell?

    The “Hippys” in the 1960s thought much the same way as the Emergent Church today thinks as far as questioning everthing right or wrong and then get a movement behind the “New Way”. You want to make sure you are very right before leading people down this path. The large numbers I see are not evidences of God’s blessing….it is simply evident that if you say something long enough with enough emotion many people will start to believe it especially if they do not know the scriptures or they may be rebellious against Orthodox Christianity no matter what else is taught. Many people have this thinking that they will worship any way or anythng as long as it is not the Orthodox Christian way…this is saddening.

    Press on brother,

  3. Scott said

    “People get so used to the dark that they think it is growing brighter. It is possible to fraternize with unbelievers until false doctrine becomes less and less objectionable.” Quote by Vance Havner

    Lenin said: “We will find our most fertile ground for infiltration of Marxism within the field of religion, because religious people are the most gullible and will accept almost anything if it is couched in religious terminology.” -Vance Havner

    “Our Lord sent His disciples out as sheep among wolves; now the wolves are being invited into the sheepfold.” -Vance Havner

    Pressing on in Him,

  4. Tyler said

    Yeah I believe in a literal hell.

    I think it is possible to change mindset in how we view church. This is how I see the emerging church. Emergent might be a little different, it has more liberal views. I would fully expect all these men to not like the emerging church. Call them doctrinal or men of truth, but the emerging church is a rebellion of what they have stood for within politics and the way church is done. I wouldn’t expect them to appreciate this movement.

  5. Scott said


    That is good, because I have listened to numerous pastors in this movement that do not believe in hardly a literal anything especially hell. I would name them, but I am in a hurry and cannot remember how to spell their names….I will edit later.

    Anyway, I know what the rebellion is against for the most part or what it started out against….the thing is I am not sure most of the followers of the EC now understand what they are rebelling against. I have never thought the conservative Evangelicals were perfect, by far. However, the EC is going to the extreme in the wrong direction in my opinion. They really needed to settle down and think this through a bit more. Now it seems like a hodge podge movement that will start getting into the mythical stuff to mind altering chants, etc. We just do not know where this might end up because the leaders are so far out there.

    Pressing on,

  6. Sean said

    I live just outside of Grand Rapids, MI. This area is somewhat known for being an intersection of theological thinking due to Zondervan’s influence and seminary institutions. I justed wanted to comment that I attended an all day forum a couple of years ago that dealt with the question, “what is the emergent church?”. Attending and speaking were local seminary professors and theologians as well as Brian Mclaren. The “conversation” was very intriguing. I’ll state right away that Brian would not directly answer the question concerning the existence of Hell. In addition, he, again, would not answer the question of homosexuality. At the end of the day, I really questioned whether or not he believed in sin, and therefore, a great need for a Savior. He opened his presentation with an aerial picture of a bridge. The bridge (a real place I think somewhere in South America although I could be wrong about where) seemed to be placed or built in the middle of the desert according to the perspective of the picture. . . essentially the bridge served no purpose. We were later told that after a huge deluge of rain, the river that the bridge once facilitated crossing had changed its course–the river no longer ran under the bridge. He closed with a picture of a turtle. This wasn’t any ordinary turtle. It was very obvious at first glance that something was very wrong with its shell, for in the middle the shell was squeezed or compressed making the shell in total appear to be two large lobes or halves. We were subsequently told that it was learned this turtle at an early age of developement had crawled into and wedged around itself a milk-jug top ring. The turtle was now distorted. It wasn’t allowed to grow normally. . . it was confined by rigidity in developement and suffered gross impairment and distortion or however you’d like to conversate about it or describe it. Incidentally, Brian never clearly articulated his point about why he chose these illustrations or, better word, caricatures. Three dear brothers in the Lord and I went together. We all sensed the Lord leading us to I Cor. 1:18-31. “For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.” I conclude with,
    more Scripture from the epistle to Corinth: “For who maketh thee to differ from another? and what hast thou didst not receive? now if thou didst receive it, why dost thou glory, as if thou hadst not received it?” I Cor. 4:7. Thanks for earnestly contending for the faith. Pray it always be done gently, with love, seasoned with Grace and for His Kindom and glory, amen.

  7. rltjs said

    God never said.

    I am not a pastor, a minister or a priest. I have no business or authority explaining the bible to others. When I’m at church and somebody reads from the scriptures I have my own translation in mind of what is being said. Christianity is indeed fragmented because others bolt out in ‘search’ of truth.

    “God’s words” or “God said…” are necessarily translated as ‘For goodness sake’ because God is perceived to be good and has only good wishes for man. Fact is, God never said.

    I think what makes a good Church leader is how good he can bring God’s words written for people who lived thousands of years ago into the real time without departing from, diluting or destroying the essences of them. And maybe Church leaders should sell God’s words without necessarily imputing God because ideas sell when they make sense and they don’t when they are nonsense. Dropping God can be dangerous.

  8. Scott said

    Sean, I appreciate your comments. You know all of this exposure of this movement is not from hatred or annomosity towards any of the “EC” leadership. It does anger me somewhat to know they are leading so many astray, but God has His purposes in allowing these to do what they are doing in His name…it clearly tells us in the bible that men will do this especially towards the end of time as we know it. It most likely will not be for the reasons the “ECers” think, but none the less God is still in full control and will use it for His honor and glory.

    As far as Brian M. goes, I would not guess he was even a true believer. I am not his judge, but just listening to him and the false doctrine he presents to the world is a very large indication of where his heart is or is not. But I am not here to attack one person, just the false doctrine they present.

    Keep exposing the false whenever you encounter it.

    Pressing on in Him,

  9. Scott said

    Dropping God from the pulpits in favor of a more pleasant message is spiritual suicide. I still cannot figure out why so many do it, but they do and think that God will bless them at the same time.

    One thing that does not need to be presented is messages trying to make God relevant to today. God has always and always will be relevant without changing the message at all. There is nothing throughout the scriptures that is out of date…one just needs to read it, meditate on it, and pray that God will open his mind and heart to receive what it is saying.

    Pressing on in Him,

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