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No Formula for Making Revival Happen!

Posted by Scott on March 2, 2008


There is No Formula For Making Revival Happen

When does the timing of revival come? The answer is, “in God’s own time”, and never at any other time. That of course was the tragic blunder of Charles Finney, in his lectures on revival. He teaches that you can have a revival whenever you want, if you only do certain things and fulfill certain conditions. But that is a complete denial of the sovereignty of God. Not only that, but it is proven by history to be wrong.

Martyn Lloyd-Jones said that in his lifetime, he had known ministers who had taken Finney’s lectures on revival and had honestly put them into practice in their preaching and in their churches and have persuaded their people to do them, and yet haven’t had a revival. Thank God they haven’t! You’ll never organize a revival. It’s God who gives revival, and He does it in His own time. He does it when you least expect it; when you think it’s coming, it generally doesn’t come. He keeps it in His own hands. …

Revival is God’s. He chooses the place as well as the time, and you never know where it’s going to be, you can’t find any rules for it. People have been trying to do this; they read the history of revivals in the past. Now they say “I notice that before that revival a number of people had been praying right through the night“, so they decide to pray right through the night. But the revival doesn’t come. Well of course not; if it had, they could say that “it was our night of prayer that did it“, and so the glory would be taken from God.

Those are some of the remarks that you’ll hear in this 5 minute audio excerpt from a Martyn Lloyd-Jones sermon on revival. You can also download the entire sermon (MLJ.RV18mp3) for a nominal fee, from the website of the Martyn Lloyd-Jones recording trust. My friend Chad V. who you occasionally see in the comments here on Old Truth referred me to their website a few weeks ago. I’ve since downloaded a number of his sermons, and they are excellent (thanks Chad). Also be sure to read their bio page on Lloyd-Jones. Now here’s the audio link:

. . . or to download this MP3 file for later:
right click the link and then “save target as

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