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Man Does Not Mind A Sovereign God!

Posted by Scott on July 26, 2008

Man does not mind a Soveriegn God as long as He is not Sovereignly setting on man’s own throne. Man does not mind the all loving God who keeps the earth tilted just right, pushes the sun up each morning and draws the curtain with moonlight each night. Man does not mind God keeping watch over His creation when man ask Him too, when he is in distress, but man does not like God to be Sovereign in his personal finances, his number of children, how he lives, what he watches, what he listens to, what he wears, what he eats, who he hangs out with, where he goes, where he lives, where he plays or how he plays, who he marries, what his politics are, the church he attends, the skeletons in his closet, or as Master of his personal throne. No, man really from his own fleeting heart does not like or trust a Sovereign God at all, but it is this great Sovereign God who sets upon His mighty throne in heaven that we preach and it is this Sovereign God we must put our trust in for our very lives!
-Scott Bailey 2008

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