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70,000 Christians displaced in India!

Posted by Scott on December 3, 2008

India – More than 70,000 Christians displaced in Orissa

UPDATE: The Voice of the Martyrs contacts working to assist believers affected by attacks in Orissa state report that more than 70,000 Christians have been displaced and forced to live in refugee camps.

“At the Peyton Sahi relief camp which houses 35 families and 130 distraught tribals, Chabila Naik, a man who ran an orphanage for 50 children in Sarangada spent three days in the forest after their houses and churches were razed [with fire]. He has not been reunited with the children,” VOM sources said.

Stories coming from persecuted believers in Orissa are heartbreaking. Christians spent days hiding in the forest following the attacks that erupted on August 24, after the murder of a prominent Hindu leader by Maoist extremists. “One family which did not want to be named said they had to leave their elderly mother in the jungles while the others walked through rain and darkness for 60 hours to get out of Kandhmal,” VOM sources added.

“We had no choice; I could either save my wife and two kids, or stay with her and ask for death for all of us. But, I am sure God has saved her, though I have no idea where she is,” the man told VOM sources with tears in his eyes.

VOM is assisting displaced believers in Orissa and other areas in India where persecution has spread. Pray for believers who face these intense hardships and have in some cases lost contact with family members. Ask God to protect them and provide for their needs. Pray their testimonies will draw nonbelievers into fellowship with Him.

News provided by Voice of the Martyrs.

To contribute to the cause and others Living Stones Ministry is seeking to raise $1,000 in the month of December to be used for purchases of nearly 100 Action Packs that are to be filled with blankets, clothing, towels, and other new or slightly used items.  100% of the gifts that come in will go for causes in India, Packistan, China, and Indonesia.  You can send your gifts to LIVING STONES MINISTRY, C/O SCOTT & DANA BAILEY @ PO BOX 213, PROSPER, TEXAS 75078.  Upon receipt of your gifts we will send you a prayer brochure with a free book or DVD offer inside from Voice of the Martyrs.  Thanks for your consideration and gifts.  If you cannot give financially, that fine, because we need prayer warriors for these regions as well.  May the Lord bless your giving and/or prayers.


2 Responses to “70,000 Christians displaced in India!”

  1. Rani said

    Is this a new attack? There have been many in that region since the spring. Just wondering as I tried to google it and couldn`t find anything…

    I :heart: VOM and its ministry. So many are unaware of Christianity`s modern day martyrs!

  2. Scott said

    I believe this is from several attacks. The latest attack was about two or three weeks ago from the news I have. I have a gentleman in Saudi that has family near Orissa and was requesting prayer for the Believers there and his family. I am sure they are new attacks we have not heard about yet, but we are tyring to raise money for them and other regions over there. It is important that we support and undergird our fellow Believers in foreign countries. Thanks for you comment.

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