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A Question About Christmas as a Believer?

Posted by Scott on December 7, 2008

A quick question for Believers:  Is Christmas a biblical event for us to take part in?  I know this seems to be a loaded question, but lately I have just been torn about Christmas…the Christmas we see and experience here in the good old United States of America has no meaning in the kingdom of God…it is all commercial and now the markets are depending on everyones spending spree for survival.  Now, the day after Thanksgiving over shadows Thanksgiving by calling it Black Friday.  Thanksgiving is just a day to eat turkey, watch football, and get ready to go shopping the next day…Black Friday.  For several years now, my wife Dana, and I have started making changes to the season.  We still celebrate Christmas and all, but we have worked hard at getting our kids away from the thought of getting things…yes, they get gifts at Christmas, but we do not indulge or run up credit cards.  Slowly but surely our older kids are starting to get it…they are seeing that Christmas really is about Christ, obedience to Christ, serving Him, giving themselves to Him and not of themselves.  It is said to be a Holy Day (holiday), but where in God’s Word does this come from?  I have yet to find it…other than from the Winter Solace celebration, a totally pagan celebration. 

I know what many will say…it is right there in the first chapter of Matthew, the full account of Christ birth.  Well, yes, I know that and you are right, but did the first church in existence celebrate Christmas, I mean Christ birth?  You know the first Christmas that is taught about is with wise-men, shepherds, talking animals, manger, and all, but who invented the celebration part of it?  There never was a commission to celebrate this day.  Is it significant…you bet it is.  Now, think about this for a moment, what does Christmas mean to 99% of the people in this country?  Is it the day Christ was born?  I doubt it.  Do people think of Christmas and our Lord Jesus Christ in the same thought…most likely not.  Is a time to indulge, possibly.  It is a time to think about self, help a neighbor we have neglected the other 11 months out of the year, but now to make us feel good and earn “points” in heaven we decide to take a loaf of homemade bread or bottle of wine over to them never to speak to them again until next Christmas.  Is this the way Jesus would want us celebrating His birthday?  Do we think that Christ enjoys us spending money we never had in His name?  Dowe think that Christ enjoys the drunken stuffy office parties that many will embark on this season in His name?  Does the hussle and bussle of getting pictures made with a jolly old man with a white beard and asking for things represent the Jesus that came to live, die a horrible death and come back to life in 3 days for our sins?  I am not trying to envoke guilt here on anyone…it is just time to really think about this roller coaster that is moving faster and faster away from Christ and it is getting hotter and hotter each day. 

Right now, I set here wondering why we do this each year on a special day of the year?  We are to celebrate Christ existance into this world and the work He did on the cross everyday…not just this time of year, right?  The gifts that are given each year for Christmas…what is that all about?  Have you really stopped in your tracks  lately, took a deep breath and thought about what Christmas has become to you and your family? 

Celebrate this Christmas with your family and try to find some way to change something you are doing that is pure selfishness and commit to making this change permanently.  For some it will take a great deal of effort and for others it will not, but if each year (actually each day) we make a decision to take one step at a time to remove “self” out of our lives and put “Christ” back in as the focus of our life, this could be a tremendous experience for you and your family forever.  Eventually Christmas will actually be all year long for the Believer not just a token time of year.

These are things to ponder on this Holy time of year if you are an authentic Believer in Christ Jesus as Lord and Savior.  I know my family is “grabbling” with it still, too.  Merry Christmas and may your family have a most blessed New Year.

(c) Scott Bailey 2008 


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