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A Dreadful Dream!

Posted by Scott on January 4, 2009



gate, and demanding, “Let me in! Let me in!” What

for? “Because my mother is in there.” Your mother

had nothing to do with you. If she was holy, she was

holy for herself; if she was evil, she was evil for

herself. “But my grandfather prayed for me!” That is

of no use: did you pray for yourself? “No, I did not.”

Then grandfather’s prayers, and grandmother’s

prayers, and father’s and mother’s prayers may be

piled on the top of one another until they reach the

stars, but they never can make a ladder for you to

go to heaven on. You must seek God for yourself; or

rather, God must seek you. You must have an active

experience of godliness in your heart, or else you

are lost, even though all your friends were in


There was a dreadful dream which a Christian

mother once had, and she told it to her children. She

dreamed the judgment day had come. The great

books were opened. The people all stood before

God. And Jesus Christ said, “Separate the chaff from

the wheat; put the goats on the left hand, and the

sheep on the right.” The mother dreamed that she

and her children were standing right in the middle

of the great assembly of people. And an angel came,

and said, “I must take the mother, she is a sheep: she

must go to the right hand. The children are goats:

they must go on the left.” She thought as she went,

her children clutched her, and said, “Mother, do we

have to part? Must we be separated?” She then put

her arms around them, and seemed to say, “My

children, I would, if possible, take you with me.” But

in a moment the angel touched her; the tears on her

cheeks dried, and now, overcoming natural affection.,

she said, “My children, I taught you well, I

trained you, and you abandoned the ways of God;

and now all I have to say is, Amen to your condemnation.”

They then were snatched away, and she saw

them in perpetual torment, while she was in heaven


C.H. Spurgeon (1834-1892)



British Baptist


One Response to “A Dreadful Dream!”

  1. wistle said

    I saw the title of your post, and tought I would share my own dream:

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