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Preaching the True Gospel!

Posted by Scott on January 7, 2009

Paul Washer Preaches the True Gospel in Americus, Georgia

I’ve heard the man preach on the internet. I’ve heard clips of his preaching on the radio. But it is quite a different experience to hear Paul Washer preach live and in person.

Americus is a small town in west central Georgia that I truly believe is being prepared for an incredible move of God. Last year, Ray Comfort and his ministry team of Kirk Cameron, Todd Friel, and Emeal Zwayne were here in Americus at Central Baptist Church for Transformed. Many believers were awakened to the truth of biblical evangelism. What is amazing to me about Ray’s ministry is that it is incredibly simple, yet incredibly profound. He teaches the church to share the Gospel biblically, using the Law before the Gospel, as Jesus did. Discovering that this truth has only recently disappeared from the teaching of the modern church is quite eye-opening, in that it opens the eyes to the terrible results of the natural result of the neglect of the teaching of the Law…”seeker” sensitive, carnal, and ultimately false churches. That’s where Paul Washer picks up.

Brother Paul was invited to the historic Rylander Theatre here in Americus, preached the true Gospel, and revealed the tragic results of the errors of the church….to the shock and awe of a couple hundred students and adults. One ironic thing is this: The theatre that he preached in was built during a time when his preaching would have been quite ordinary….that is, before the church departed from the truth and began catering to itching ears.

I had every intention of interviewing a few of the students who attended for Way of the Master Radio, choosing two or three before the event to ask questions before and after the event. So before, I had three interviewed with appointments to meet them again after the preaching. But it never happened…..

I’ve listened to tons of sermons, been in hundreds of church services, and saw who knows how many preachers preach. All were ordinary compared to this one. I can honestly say that I’ve never experienced the power of God on a man as when Paul Washer preached here in Americus.

A band played for about 45 minutes or so, then Brother Paul came to the stage to preach. His prayer was that of a broken man, weeping over the dry, dead bones in the audience. I had the privilege of joining a few others before he preached to pray over him, and I can say that his brokenness was genuine. Paul Washer is a man who is passionate for the glory of God, and broken for the conditions of the Church of his Lord Jesus.

So Paul preached. For an hour and eleven minutes. Almost no one moved, and no one had any idea that his preaching exceeded the traditional thirty minutes. His sermon shocked the congregation. Bewildered would be a better word. Yes, this modern-day prophet spoke the truth of the condition of the church today….and the people were bewildered when he was done. The power of God had descended on the Rylander Theatre, and the people had no idea what to do.

Back to the radio interviews…the second part never happened. Paul preached, he prayed, and he walked off the stage. Silence descended upon the theatre. You could hear a pin drop. A person or two coughed, breaking the silence for a couple of seconds. After a few moments, counselors who were ready to attend to those “responding to the invitation” slowly shuffled from among the disorientated congregation to the front, many themselves not knowing what had just happened. Nobody said a word. Someone got on the stage and attempted to get people to come forward. No one moved. People who had never seen the power of God had witnessed it, and they didn’t have a clue how to respond. After at least five minutes of silence and bewilderment, it was apparent to me that God had plans that did not involve interviews….

I don’t know if anyone came to the front. It didn’t matter. God had descended in power, and He had done work in many hearts, I pray. God glorified Himself through brother Paul’s preaching. I am quite certain that many were gnashing their teeth. I am also quite certain that there will be more to the story in coming days.

Saturday morning, it was a great privilege to be invited join my friends Chase Ostrander and Gary Gill to have breakfast with Paul, his two sons, and his Peruvian missionary friend. What an honor it was to spend time with this man of God.

The sermon brother Paul preached was not recorded by the Rylander….but I was able to record a “bootleg” on my digital recorder (something I first learned to do at rock concerts before I was saved). You can download and listen to it below…legally, of course.

Download the sermon now, and please pray for this little town of Americus and the surrounding communities. There are a few pastors here who are preaching these truths, and some at the cost of their pulpits. Paul Washer left us with one statement that I will never forget…

Church history demonstrates that when preachers begin to see the errors of the church, and begin to proclaim against it, it is nearly always a precursor to either national catastrophe or intense persecution of the church. (paraphrased as I remembered it)

May God embolden us to continue to proclaim boldly, and prepare us to endure the persecution that is to come!


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