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Why Do We Struggle With Prayer?

Posted by Scott on March 9, 2009

Studying into the prayer life of Christ, we find that prayer was not a struggle for Him. It was a neccessity of life and was also natural. I have found no references to Jesus ever struggling to get away and pray. He was always ready to pray about everything. Interestingly I found 4 areas Christ used prayer for:

1. Thanksgiving! He was already to give thanks to God in everything. He always thanks His Father for the food they were eating. Thanks for circumstances, the people He had given to Jesus, victories, and He gave thanks at the Last Supper which would be His last before He suffered on the cross.

2. Counsel! He always went to the Father for counsel. In Luke 6:12-13 He went before the counsel of His Father in choosing the 12 Disciples. I can imagine the discussion over Judas, but in Jesus’ case, He always obeyed the will of His Father. In prayer for counsel from God He was seeking His guidance in every situation. Asking that the Father would light up the right path to be taken. Yes, Jesus was God, but at this time on earth He put that aside and relied on His Father, God for power and direction.

3. Intercession! He prayed for His disciples as they set out to spread the gospel. Not only for them, but also for those who would hear the gospel and believe. He prayed for Peter many times, but in particular at the time Jesus told him that satan had asked to sift him and Jesus told Peter, “I have prayed for you, that your faith will not fail.” He also prayed for Peter before he denied even knowing Jesus during the time of His crucifiction. He prayed for those that placed Him on the cross that fatal day…because they really did not know who they were nailing to the cross, but He asked for their foregiveness.

4. Communion! Prayer to Jesus was His communion with the Father on an hourly basis. In the garden with sweat of blood coming from his pores, anguish over the impending torturous death, Jesus experienced communion when the Father sent angels to minister to Him at that time. He also experienced a great communion with the Father at His transfiguration. His appearence changed, His robe became bright and shiny. As Ray Stedman said, “In prayer, He experienced such a communion so rich that the glory of the Father, the indwelling glory broke through the tent of His body in which it was hidden.” Reference John 1:14.

So, why do we struggle with prayer so much. It should be a neccesary action in our life and over time become our first natural response throughout the day, not something we feel is a last ditched effort. Stay in constant communion, intercession, counsel and thanksgiving with our heavenly Father…it will transform our lives.

Scott Bailey (c) 2009

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