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Prayer Time Starts with God!

Posted by Scott on March 11, 2009

Jesus told the disciples to start their prayers off by addressing our heavenly Father, our Dad! He should be first in our prayer life, always. By doing this it often exposes a few flaws or weaknesses in our own prayers, because how often do they start with us rushing in immediately spewing out before God our laundry list of troubles. Here are a few things to remember in the beginning of our prayers:

1. Slow down, stay calm and gaze upon our Father in all His greatness, holiness, and glory. By doing this, we receive an immediate calm spirit to go throughout the rest of our prayer time. He is our Father, our heavenly Dad, but remember He is holy most of all.

2. By starting out as Jesus taught by addressing our holy Father it helps to eliminate several misconceptions about God up front. Real authentic prayer is never coming to God as the Chairman of the Benevolence Committee, the Priest behind the vail during our confession session, or our personal Banker to help finance our latest projects or concerns. He is our Father and we must come to Him as a child comes to their earthly father, but with much more respect I might add.

3. Our God possesses a father’s heart, love, power, and concern for his children. This is an intimate conversation with our holy Dad, our heavenly Father. A child will isten for their father and run to him in complete trust and simplicity. But a young child is also very frank with their dad as well. God wants us to come to Him like a young child, with a young child’s faith…otherwise it is not faith nor is it true prayer.

4. By understanding that we are coming to our heavely Father, this shows us one of the truest natures of our God. He is a father, not some old blind man floating on a cloud or a force behind a curtain pulling levers and trying to keep everything on track, or an impersonal spirit that comes and goes. Our heavenly Father is very personal with us. He is all about love and relationships. He gives a careful listening ear to His children and what we say.

5. He is a patient and tender father we can really believe in. By addressing Him as our Father from our entire being not just our lips, it is saying we believe He is our Father and we are trying to relate to Him as our Father. Understand this belief is not some intellectual agreement with God, but we are actually committed in our entire life to Him from deepest parts of our soul.

This is where true authentic earth shaking prayer begins. Jesus taught His disciples to begin their prayer time like this and we should do no less. Start off as though you are setting down beside your dad and going to have an intimate, loving conversation with him…it is the same with our heavenly Father.

Scott Bailey 2009

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