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What is Eternal Life?

Posted by Scott on April 22, 2009

I read a verse of Scripture this morning in context of course, but John 17:3 jumped out at me like I had never seen it before….isn’t that how it works much of the time? We can read a verse of Scripture all our lives, but one day it seems to be brighter than it was the previous 30 years.

The question was posed “What does a Christian mean when he testifies that he has eternal life? Now, that seems easy enough doesn’t it? I mean, could it be “living forever”, “nothing but existence, going on and on forever”, “life on cloud nine playing our golden harp”? “Is it our spirit just living eternally on earth through regeneration after regeneration, but not individually”? Lots of possibilities, lots of stuff we have been taught throughout the years. The answer to the question, however, is found in that very verse of John 17:3 as told by Jesus himself. Our tendacy is to think of eternal life as a quantity of time, but Jesus is telling us it is a quality of relationship in our heavenly Father, the One true God.

Eternal life starts here with the knowledge of an etermal Person, God, with intimacy of communion and fellowship with this Person of God. Think of marriage for a moment. What is marriage? Is it cooking, cleaning up after someone, having children, tv, three square meals a day? No, marriage is that intimacy in knowing that other person called our spouse. Eternal life is much the same way except much greater than our imagination can fathom.

The larger picture, however, is the results of knowing God. This result of really knowing God for all eternity is an intimate fellowship or communion with God which gives us a life meaningful, rich and enjoyable that does not start in heaven, but right here on earth…it will be perfect when we finally with our Father in heaven someday. To know God means the end of lonliness forever. Think about that for a moment….before you knew God, what was the prevailing thought…for many it is lonliness. But this new found eternal life found in Christ abolishes this eternal lonliness. By knowing God intimately, we can share our joys and sorrows with Him, He sympathizes with our hearts desires….there is no other quality of life that can compare to this. The benefits of knowing our God in this way goes far beyond all the limits and boundaries our feable minds can imagine. “Knowing God is fullness of enjoyment, the richest of experiences, the enlargement of life beyond our ability to imagine.” This knowledge of God broadens the entire perspective of life and we can begin to really life for the first time in our earthly lives.

“God is our ultemate reality and we are inteded to know Him and experience Him on a daily basis. When we do so, life becomes vibrant, exciting, and awesome.” Stedman

A story Billy Graham always told was about a Scotland woman in this pastor’s parish who was behind on her rent and going through very difficult times. The pastor got together with other members of the church and took up a love offering for her. The pastor went to the ladies door to give her the money but never answered. One day the pastor ran across the lady in the market and told her he had come by to give her the money to help pay her rent up. She stated, “Was that you at the door, I thought it was the landlord.” You know that story teaches a profound lesson to us as Believers. Jesus stands at the door and knocks wanting this intimate relationship with us. He wants us to experience what real eternal life is. But many of us are afraid to open the door for Him to step into our lives beyond our mere salvation and have fulfilling communion with Him.

Eternal life, is to know God intimately and completely forever.

Scott Bailey (c) 2009


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