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PART TWO…Living in continual sin is not a characteristic of a true Believer!

Posted by Scott on August 1, 2009

This is the second part of this article. The first article can be a jolt to us to make us setup and say “What?” The main point of the first article is we need to take sin very serious…God does. If we find ourselves living in it we need to be extremely concerned, because God hates sin.

Sin has different effects and outcomes depending on whether we are a Believer or not a Believer:

For the Believer in sin:

-God’s wisdom will not come
-His favor will be lifted from your life
-You are spitting on the cross of Christ
-It is Disobedience to God’s call for us to be holy
-Hurts your testimony that God has given
-Severs your relationship with God
-Creates uneasiness in your prayer life
-Creates a stinch from us to the nostriles of a holy God

For the Non-Believer:

-Loves sin much of the time
-Condemns a non-Believer to death
-Puts the non-Believer’s life in peril
-Will be judged based on his or her sin to finality
-Cannot stop sinning…it is a non-Believer’s nature to sin
-Creates hurt in your life and those around you
-Creates confusion in life
-Leads to final destruction
-Cannot recognize sin at times
-Ends up in hell forever, separated from God in turmoil forever

Now, that I have provided such encouraging words (just kidding-I know these are hard words), let me tell there is still hope for both sides of this issue of sin.

For true Believers, we can repent, ask God to forgive us of our sinfulness and to restore to us the joy of our salvation. We can get on our knees in real brokenness before God confessing our sin(s) to Him. God will examine our heart, clean it out, fill it back up with His wonderful hope, joy, and peace. God can take our past sin and use it for His greater glory. We can be forgiven for our sins, but God does not necessarily allow us to forget them (He can take away the hurt and pain of that sin though)…having that memory helps us to not go down that road again, helps us to mentor someone else not to go down the road we have alaready been on, and more. God can and will provide relief from the guilt of that confessed sin. So, for the Believer our lives are not a total loss, but it is certainly stressful times and a life lived in constant sin is not a characteristic a Believer wants to be known for…if that is possible.

For the Non-Believer, if you feel a weightiness pulling your heart that is heavy, if you have a compulsion towards loving Jesus Christ, but your sin is pulling you apart inside, all the sudden your sinfulness has caused you to feel ashamed to the point you want to hide your face, because all of the sudden you realize there is a God and He hates sin and your sin is keeping you separated from Him yet you are torn as to what to do about it, I have a some good news…Jesus Christ wants you to put your complete trust in Him. Today, if what i have described or a variation of it is going on in your life, then God is coming after you…He is drawing you to Himself. You can fight for a while, but eventually God’s will is going to overcome your resistance. Get on your knees in total repentance of the sin filled life no matter how minor or bad it has been, ask Him to forgive you, tell Him you are ashamed, remorseful and cannot stand that you have sinned before Him. Tell Jesus that today, you are putting your complete trust in Him for salvation and eternal life. Ask Jesus to save you today. I believe that if you do this with all sincerity under conditions similiar to this, you will from this day forward be changed as a new Believer in Christ Jesus. Will this new life be easy…No! Will you ever sin again…Yes! Does God still forgive us when we ask for it…Yes! God’s love is still more powerful than our sin and He desires that none of His people end up in eternal punishment in hell, so He is patient with us and comes after us and will overcome us in order to save us. Nothing greater than when the Light comes on and you realize the mighty grace and infinite mercy of our awesome God.

Conclusion, sin is an abomination before our holy God. He hates sin to the core and does NOT overlook our sin…a holy God cannot overlook our unholiness, our disobedience to His calling for Believer’s to be holy…yet Jesus is there to make our case before God that we are one of His once we have come to Him in total repentance, when we have murdered that sin in our life and are looking for a clean start again…God will graciously give us that clean fresh start for His mercies are fresh and new each morning. For those not in the Believer catagory, sin continues to lead you to the pits of hell and unless a mighty work of God happens in your life, eternity is very bleak for you…your sins are your ultimate dstruction. However, for the non-Believer that today discovered that sin is not good, you cannot stand to live that way any longer, you have realized you have a true need to be saved, because sin has made you guilty before God, and you want desparately to fix that situation, but just do not know how…Jesus will save you! Begin calling out to Him for salvation. Trust that He is the Savior, the Messiah. Believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, that He did rise from the grave 3 days after His horrible death on the cross, and that He is at the right hand of God the Father. Believing is a life changing moment that is eternal…whosoever will come, Believe, Trust in Jesus Christ to save you and He will.

Scott Bailey (c) 2009


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