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Skepticism Over Tony Blair and Rick Warren Interfaith Group!

Posted by Scott on June 10, 2008

by Jim Brown – OneNewsNow  


Christian broadcaster and author Dave Hunt says born-again Christians should be more than skeptical of a new religious education group started by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. 


Blair recently launched an interfaith group designed to promote a “peaceful coexistence” between the major religions and “encourage interfaith initiatives to tackle global poverty and conflict.” The Tony Blair Faith Foundation is backed by some high-profile Americans, including former President Bill Clinton and evangelical mega-church pastor Rick Warren, who serves on the group’s advisory board. (See earlier article)
Blair says the group will counter religious extremists, whom he defines as “people who want to exclude the other if someone is of a different faith.” Hunt, founder of
The Berean Call ministry, says Blair is undertaking an impossible task.
“How are you going to unite Christians and Muslims, for example?” Hunt asks. “I mean, that is an anathema to Islam.”


The ministry leader explains that Islam is as “anti-Christian” as a religion can be. “The Quran says [that] Jesus is not God, [that] he’s not the son of God, [that] he didn’t die on the cross, even; [that] someone died in his place; [that] he was taken alive to heaven – just to begin with the contradictions between Christianity and Islam,” he says.
According to Hunt, Blair and Pastor Warren are operating under the mistaken notion that Islam at its heart is a peaceful, tolerant religion.
“But you can’t compromise, you can’t forget that it’s not just al-Qaida; it’s not just some ‘extremists,’ as they’d like to say. No, this is Islam,” he points out. “There are more than 100 verses in the Quran declaring [regarding] pagans … [that you’ve got to] cut their heads off – [that] you’ve got to kill them,” Hunt contends.
Hunt believes Blair and others behind the interfaith effort are unknowingly laying the foundation for the coming world religion under antichrist.

*This article was presented on this blog not as a political alert, but to alert the readers not to fall for the Purpose Driven world that Rick Warren and Tony Blair are now promoting.  If your church is moving into the Purpose Driven program…run as fast as you can away from it.  I say that to be somewhat funny, but it is serious as it can be.  Ask your pastor, elder board, and deacons to push for Scripture Alone to be taught and not integrate these worldly philosophies into the pukpits across America.  This mindset and philosophy is not biblical or God honoring in any way…the pastorates have strayed away from the truth to follow their own hearts.  The Lord tells us in the scriptures that our hearts are wicked and cannot be trusted…so do not go the way of your heart.  These pastors like Rick have been blinded into believing this garbage they call the gospel and to pal around with other religions in order for there to be world peace and stamp out poverty around the world.  Well, Christianity is a separated religion from the rest and true believers will stand out and not follow anyone into the One World Religion-Church that will usher in the anti-christ.  Just be aware of what is going these days as these serious events are starting to take place in a very fast pattern.     -Scott

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