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Purity and Holiness Seen as Legalism!

Posted by Scott on February 21, 2008

In my quest to be sanctified and pure before my God is often looked upon as being legalistic.  I am far too serious about my Christian walk to be bothered by such snotty drivel.  This is such a tragic way of looking at the sanctification, holiness and purity of a believer.  We are to be a direct reflection of Christ who is a direct reflection of the heavenly Father.  So many of the church body today think that in order to “win” the lost they must look like the lost in order to attract them and their churches reflect that of a movie theater or entertainment center starring the latest worship leader and bebop worship singers on stage.  This is far from the biblical example as it should be and is a sham service.

I can say definitely that I will not put aside my faithful walk with Christ in order to resemble the world in order to believe I am “winning” the lost by living my life in that manner…we do not “win” the lost….the Holy Spirit does this work by drawing them to the Father by the word of God being proclaimed.  We are to deliver the message, period!  The Holy Spirit then does the work, period! 

 The kind of worship services I see today is heresy in the first degree.  To put it another very loving and delicate way, I do not have to have religion, the churches, life, or any other “thing” in this world, for I will not now nor ever water down the holy word of the living God and back away from calling “sin” what it is….”sin” in order to attract more people to a very entertaining message of feeling good about ourselves.  I am not perfect by a long shot and fall far too short of any marker within God’s word, but when it comes to the holy scriptures I must make my stand and expound on it as I see it…when I am wrong it will be admitted and corrected.  It is the perfect word of God that can and will direct each of Christ follower’s life if we will allow it.  God’s holy word does not need any help by making it more “relevant” to today’s life….guys, God’s word has never lost it relevancy….ever!!!!  It has always been relevant….what has not been relevant is the people trying to read it, interpret it, and live by it…..God’s word has and always will be relevant to the end.

Now, why is it that holiness or sanctification (set aside for God) today is looked upon by those within the church and outside the church as legalistic?  If we as parents choose to home-school our kids we get those arrogant looks from Christians and non-Christians alike.  If we are training our kids to remain pure in their sexuality until they are married we looked down upon as being naive.  If we stress the importance of not dating as our society today sees dating, but wait upon the Lord that is looked upon as stupid.  Spending time in God’s word on a daily basis, dressing conservatively, going to church more than once per week, serving our church and neighbors is all called being “to serious”. 

 People, back off and worry about that huge bulging log that is your own eye and my family and I will worry about ours.  You raise your kids as you see fit, but do not tell me how to raise mine.  You worship as you see fit, but do not tell me how to worship.  You send your kids to a godless public institution and we will educate our kids as we believe God has called us to do.  In this world that rotten to the core we need more people that call themselves “Christians” to live like it rather than just wearing a t-shirt saying it.  Authentic Christianity permeates the mind, heart and soul not just a shirt sleeve.  The old saying that many people are just “Sunday Morning Christians” is so true and is an absolute mockery to Christ death on the cross.  Do not call yourself a Christian any longer until you start living like one….better to be in the closet living in sin rather telling people you are one heading to heaven, but living like you have one foot in hell.  Make your testimony one that God can use and bring others to Himself with it.  I would dare say that most Christians testimonies are useless, because at the first sign of trouble we crawl under a rock, start acting as the world acts, or simply turn our backs on Christ.  The Christian life is lay-ed out for us within God’s word and I pray that each of you reading will find yourself in a church that has a pastor that expounds on God’s word each and every week. 

I pray you are not in a church that entertains you each week, rarely opens the word of God, or has a cooking show as your weekly message…..how sad it is to see and hear these types of services….this is a trampling of God within a church that claims His name.  Ministers, please, get back to expounding on God’s word from the pulpit!  Please, get back to biblical preaching and worship.  Stop this watered down lovely drivel that the likes of Joel Osteen spews from the stage each week.  The world is watching how the church handles the changes that are so quickly upon us today.  How we react to world events says volumes about who our God is and how big our God is.  Right now the emergent church has Him caged in a little bitty box.  The emergent church movement is creating a new god that does not exist because the God of the bible may be too harsh for the world to accept.  Stop this kind of drivel and sham Christianity.

-Scott Bailey (c) 2008

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