En Gedi: Finding rest in the wilderness!

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  1. Scott said

    If you would like to make a donation to this ministry please use the DONATE button above or send checks or money orders to:

    LivingStones Ministry
    c/o Scott Bailey
    PO Box 213
    Prosper, Texas 75078

    *We only want donations from those that understand the purpose of donating to ministries, from true believers in Christ, and have been blessed or see the purpose for such a ministry. Giving money to any ministry cannot nor will give anyone salvation. Salvation is through Jesus Christ alone not by any works or any amount of money!

    Your donations make it possible for us to spend time in the Word of God discerning his message to those that will read and listen. It also makes it possibly for the time spent to research and find other preachers and teachers of the Word and enables us to provide that to you on this blog site as well. The donations are for day to day operations, expansion of this site, future projects pertaining to this ministry, future books, cds and more! It is our profound goal to honor and glorify God in every way we can in this writing and speaking ministry.

    Finally, we also appreciate letters, cards, and notes of prayer and encouragement to stay the course. we value each and everyones prayers and words. If you have a prayer request you would like to send as well, you can send it to the above address. You can rest assure that we will pray for you as often as the Lord prompts us.



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