En Gedi: Finding rest in the wilderness!

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Ten Indictments for the Modern Church-Paul Washer

Posted by Scott on December 1, 2008

Paul Washer delivers a timely message on the plight of the church today.  I have witnessed as Paul has said here younger men all over the world that are digging deep in the Word of God, studying and reading the old theologians like Spurgeon, Tozer, Ravenhill, Lloyd Jones, Whitefield, Edwards, Owens, Boston, Augustine, Campbell, Flavel, and more.  Young men are being drawn back by God to the core foundations of the faith.  Many young men all over the world proclaiming authentic Christianity are not pulled into the humanistic lie of the Emergent and Seeker friendly philosophies.  They are pulled into a God centered biblical theological doctrine sometimes called Reformed Theology or 5 Point Calvinism…either way, it is the truth of God’s Word.  Watch and listen carefully.  Come back to see it over and over.  Personally, I will watch and listen many times as well.  I need the constant reminder of the direction God is taking us and what His Scriptures are telling us.  Search, dig, and act accordingly.


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-En Gedi: Place of Rest for Men!

Posted by Scott on November 7, 2007

En Gedi!:  A Place of Rest For Dads, Husbands, & Men!



Hello Gentlemen, I want to welcome you to the En Gedi site.  A place of rest and also a stronghold for God’s mighty men.  This is a blog site that was designed for men, dads, and husbands as a go to for resources, websites, recommended books, encouragement in our daily lives and walk, or to just rest for a moment to concentrate on God’s vastness. 


The two pictures you see above are actual photos taken at En Gedi (Engedi) in the mountain regions of Israel.  En Gedi was a place that David used high in the mountains to rest, hide from his enemy, and hear from God.  This place is surrounded by The Wilderness of Judah to the west, the Dead Sea to the east and barren rocky terrain and then you come upon this seemingly ”oasis” where waterfalls of fresh water flow and greenery abounds with caves carved out in the side of the mountain.  What a place God had made just for David in his time of need.  So, I called this site Engedi as we men need a place to rest, sometimes hide from our enemies, and above all to hear from God.

Have you ever just sat down and gazed off into a sunrise or sunset or listened to the sound of a mighty waterfall?  Take your thoughts from daily life and place them on the God that created the heavens and the earth and praise Him for it.  Here on this blog a number of topics are covered, recommendations made, tips for daily living, messages from a man, dad of 10 kids, and husband’s heart, etc.  I did not want it to be just a site where you will read constant debates over trivial or sometimes deep issues and subjects…life is far too short to waste it debating all the time and they are plenty of blog sites to do that on…of course there is time and place for debating, I have nothing against that, just not on my site.  If you want to debate that is fine, but this site is designed so you can pour yourselves into topics of theological subjects, gather encouragement from life experiences, resources to do your own research, and so on. 

Future Bailey Men!

The Bailey Boys…future soldiers for Christ!

  I encourage each person that has stumbled upon this site to read, go to the other links and read, and pass this site along.  You can simply refer it to other as www.DadsDevoted.com and it will bring them right back here.  I encourage each dad to seek out what he really believes in his heart about God and pass that on to your children.  I encourage each husband to dig into the word of God and challenge your wife to do the same….share your findings, questions, and thoughts with her.  Allow your wife the opportunity to listen to something from your heart  that is more than football, cars, and other secular events…these are important areas of life, but our wive’s would like to see a deeper side of us on occassion.  Grow deeper together glorifying God and furthering His kingdom.  For the man that may not have kids or be married yet you can certainly challenge your walk with Christ and feed that desire to know God deeper.  If this blog can do nothing else, I would hope it at least prompts us all to a facination with God, to grow deeper in our walk with Him, and to discover what life really is all about!  

We have readers from all over the world.  Here is where some of the most recent readers are from:  Novaya, Khanty-Mansiy, Russian Federation/ Denton Cheshire, UK/ Gurgaon, Haryana India/ Dublin, Ireland/ Beijing, China/ Leiden, Netherlands/ Victoria, British Columbia, Canada/ Toronto, Ontario Canada/ Riyahl, Ar Riyah Saudi Arabia/ Brazil/ Romania/ Australia/ Singapore/ Manila, Phillipines/ Johannesburg, Gauteny South Africa & Parow, Western Cape South Africa/ Sesimbra, Setubal Portugal/ Dallas-Katy-Frisco-McKinney-Houston-Irving-Prosper, Texas/ States of Florida, Virginia, California, Massachusets, Florida, Iowa, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Illinois.  Lots of other cities, countries, and states not mentioned, but the readership is International.  Thanks and keep coming back.  We hope you are blessed and God touches your heart in a mighty way. 

imagesjc1.jpg  Enjoy the site and I hope you will stay a while, make comments if you wish and by all means start your own blog.  Writing is great therapy!

 Scott Bailey

**I have found En Gedi or Engedi spelled both ways in the Bible depending on what translation.  Some maps show it both ways as well.  Just to let you know that it is still the same place no matter the spelling of the place.

***If you have a wife, lady friend, or woman in your life that could use encouragement please refer them to www.LivingStones4Moms.com.  My wife is a terrific writer and listener to what God conveys through His holy word.

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