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The Desires of Our Heart!

Posted by Scott on April 30, 2008

In my morning studies it was wonderful to come across this passage of scripture again.  I have read this passage many times before, but this morning the meditation on this passage was fruitful in my life.

Psalm 1:2-3  “But his delight is in the law of the Lord and on his law he meditates day and night.  He is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yield its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither.  Whatever he does prospers.”

Delighting ourselves in the Lord requires daily meditation upon the word of God.  Think of the requirement for our physical health by eatting numerous times per day.  The mediatation of God’s word is the same way.  We need to feast upon God’s word in order to sustain a healthy and growing spiritual life. 

This is like the tree mentioned in the passage.  We are like this tree to God.  A tree planted by a stream of water grows slowly but surely over time.  It has a fresh supply of water daily that never runs dry.  As the tree grows slowly as we grow slowly it will yield its fruit in its season.  We too will yield fruit that glorifies God in its proper season as well.  This tree’s leaves never wither due to lack of nurishment or water.  As we are planted near God always, He is our constant source of nurishment and fresh water. 

The scriptures have only one true authentic meaning or translation, yet it yields numerous applications for our lives.  As we study on God’s word daily and come across the same passage from time to time, we will find a different application many times within the same verse of scripture.  The depth to the well of God never ends.  The well on top looks the same as always, but the water drawn from it is just as rich as the first water ever drawn…God’s word is the same, rich with every reading.  God knows exactly what we need in application of His word at each moment of our life. 

Other scriptures to meditate on about “Delighting in Him” are:  Joshua 1:8  Meditate on God’s word constantly and be careful to obey what you read as it applies.  1 Timothy 4:15 Be very diligent in meditating on the word of God.  Be sure to give yourself completely to the Word of God and be careful to obey what you have read as it applies.  Isaiah 58:13-14 Keep one day holy as the Sabbath to honor Him, Glorify Him, and worship Him.  In this we will delight in Him even more.  Psalm 63:5-6 The evening is an especially good time to meditate on His word taking us into the night.  God calls evening the first day in Genesis 1:5.  What we meditate on in the evening that takes us into our rest at night effects how we start our next morning.  Pslam 119:23 Do not be bothered by those around you who may redicule or slander you.  Just keep meditating on God’s word.  Look to the Bible for counsel.  Meditate on the decrees and statutes.  Psalm 119:99-100 Wisdom comes from meditating on the word of God.  This produces a better understanding of this life and the life to come.  You wil find yourself witha better understanding than your teachers and counselors and elders.  Continue to be odedient to His word and the understanding you now have.  1 Samuel 13:14 We find God calling David “a man after His own heart”.  Why?  David meditated on the word of God, he would wake up in the middle of the night to meditate on the word of God and was always thinking upon the ways of God and His awesomeness in his life.  Psalm 37:4 We are to make the Lord the delight of our life.  In this way He will give us the desires of our heart because we now have the desires He wants in our heart.  Through meditating on the word of God constantly we will understand what it is God intends for us to desire.  God transforms us through His word.  If we do not spend much time in the scriptures how can we expect to know what it is God desires for us? 

Truth to apply:

1. Meditation on the word of God transforms our thoughts to God’s thoughts and desires. 

2. Begin our day in the evenings as our last thoughts being on God’s word.  This will influence the dreams and rest we have at night to assist in the start of a brand new morning.

3. Psalm 1:2-3 He tells us that we will prosper in all that we do if we constantly meditate and read His word.  Why is this?  Because the word of God is a light to our path.  He guides us by His word.  This leads us away from evil counselors and unfruitful activities.  It is important to our faithfulness to meditate on His word daily.  “Prosper” in the Hebrew is tsalach or tsaleach meaning to “push forward” or “come mightily”…it is also to be “profitable” to make “profitable”.  God intends to supply us and use us for His purposes.  For some that could mean financial wealth to be used to further His kingdom and for others it could mean a wealth of knowledge and wisdom beyond our years that can be used to further His kingdom.  Prosperity comes in different shapes and sizes.  I do not think it means many cars and houses, but the wealth is to be given out as God directs and may be needed to further ministries that struggle to keep going or supply families with needed resources during difficult times in their lives.  We are simply to stay in His word constantly in order to know the direction we are to take and how to use that which He prospers us with.

4. Meditation can assist in helping us go to sleep easier.  However, at times it may dislodge impure thoughts in our minds that results in a bad dream.  This is simply purifying our minds and hearts for the fresh new morning ahead.  Refer to John 15:3..the word provided by Christ cleans us and restores our hearts for His greater use on a daily basis.

2 Timothy 3:16-17  “All scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.”

Continue in the reading and meditating of God’s word regardless of the direction of this world.  Only His word has sustaining power that leads us into eternity.

Scott Bailey 2008

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-From A Dad:After All the Punishment…God’s Mercy! Micah 7

Posted by Scott on January 2, 2008

 After all the punishment, the refinement, the sifting as wheat…our God desires to stop His wrath and heap upon us His mercy and grace to His elect, His chosen people, the remnant of exiles because of our failed humanity.  Micah 7 is a great conclusion for God’s people.

Whenever we find ourselves in the middle of such a sinful and wicked people, it is necessary to look to our Lord and wait on Him for relief, direction, and restful peace. 

In the events that surround our sinfulness, we must work through the punishing refinement that is necessary until the Lord in His gracious love subdues His wrath and begins to restore us, rebuild us, and expand the borders to which we are now confined.  During this refining period much like silver, all the impurities, the froth are burned away by an intense fire.  This fire brings us to .999% pure.  We will only be 100% pure at the time that our bodies are returned to our souls at the time of Christ second coming when we meet Him in the air. 

In the refining periods of our lives, the world watches with its sneering glow at how the God we claim to worship finishes His work in us.  This is the testimony that we lay hold of in our Lord. In Micah 7 we read the witness account of the world as it sinks to about the lowest point in its history at the time when even fathers and sons could not trust each other, because of the vile sinful wickedness that existed in that day.  In the midst of this time the world was watching to see if the God of Israel would spare His people.  At the height of His wrathful punishing restoration, the aroma of the Lord’s compassion fills the air like freshly blooming roses after a spring rain.  It is so strong that all people in existence in that area of the world could smell it.  His chosen people, the remnant, His elect were the recipients of this compassion.  The Lord’s tremendous unfailing love was blossoming again towards His people.  In amazement the others around witnessed this miraculous love and commented about this great testimony. 

The Lord promises His restful peace and prosperity to return to His people. 

          “I will do mighty miracles for you, like those I did when I

          rescued you from slavery in Egypt.”

This was a display for all that were watching this love affair between the Lord and His chosen people.  This was in order for God to be mightily glorified and honored in the day of His remnant’s restoration.  All the soulless arrogant people would be shown how insignificant they really are in the light of the larger providential plan of our sovereign Lord. 

In grand amazement the people could only wonder who this God was that put blinders on and pardon the sins of His people.  To their surprise the Israelite’s God did not remain angry for very long nor did He punish them completely for all their sins…His grace is always intervening shortly after His wrath has fallen when His people cry out to Him and call our Lord by name.  In a short period of time they realized all the events that took place was to rebuild His remnant and destroy those wicked proud sinful people who had taken Israel hostage.  They thought they could do as they pleased and get richer and richer off the backs of God’s people, but His wrath would soon fall upon them with no reprieve.  God can and will use people and events for His purposes, both the good and bad.  As this has played out, because God “delights in showing mercy”. 

We finish the story to find God, the almighty one, the sovereign Lord of us all with His arm open wide spreading His faithful and unfailing love out like a table cloth adorning a grand oak table with a feast fit for only the family of the King.  For those of us in the 21st century this promise of faithfulness and unfailing love remains.  This feast is still spread upon His table for us.  Our greatest need as believers is to turn back towards our holy and majestic God.  We will witness the most magnificent transformation in our lives as God pours out His fresh mercies, faithfulness, and unfailing love upon His chosen people.  The Lord wants us to move in the direction of holiness…a purified vessel ready for daily use by our awesome Creator.

 For You, O God, tested us, You refined us like silver.  You brought us into prison and laid burdens on our backs.  You let men ride over our heads; we went through fire and water, but You brought us to a place of abundance.”  -Psalm 66:10-12

For those of us that are a part of this remnant, His chosen people, we will be refined, purified, and stretched.  However, the promise of God is that our ultimate end is not destruction.  We need to hold onto what God has promised us even though everyone around us including voices in our heads may tell us differently.  Difficulties will come our way…this is a part of the suffering we as believers must endure.  Many times as we march forward as we sense God would have us do, things may get worse before they get better, just count on it.  God is doing a far greater work in us than we could ever imagine.  In just a short time, our sovereign Lord will bring us into that “place of abundance”, as He promises.

Just as the Lord promised Israel He would rebuild their cities and extend their borders, He intends to do the same with us.  Although we may be surrounded by pitch darkness, the Lord will be our light. 

Are we ready to be rebuilt by an awesome God?  Are we ready to have our borders extended beyond our sight?  In the quest for His holiness we will experience His righteousness soon.

-Scott Bailey © 2008

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-Do You Have an Ebenezer?

Posted by Scott on October 16, 2007

ebenezer.jpgDo you have an Ebenezer?

ByDana Bailey



Do you know the old hymn, “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing“?  It has always been one of my favorites, but there was something in the second verse that I just didn’t get, but never really questioned until recently. 

The second verse says, ” Here I raise mine Ebenezer; Hither by they help I’m come…”

So, I wondered what is an “Ebenezer”?  Well, I googled it, found out & was really excited by what I found.

For the rest of this story you can go to Living Stones 4 Moms!

This post is one from my wife’s site.  She is a terrific writer and encourager to moms.  So, dads, if you have a wife that may be discouraged about her mothering role or life in general you can refer her to www.LivingStones4Moms.com and I think she will find refreshing there.

-Scott Bailey (c) 2007

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-How Can We Be Devoted Dads?

Posted by Scott on October 11, 2007

hirrdoca9xxxmscazy4aavcaaxwlqzcain69vncacra3naca8jxed1caihcsrgcayl7zj7ca7ro4wycaxoew2bcat32pwwcaxjg8k8cakl3ggacarnt8o9ca74v9oucat1y04gcaw6gbohcarekypv.jpg   After 17 years of marriage is seems like only a few months have gone by.  My wife and I have 10 children ages 16 down to 1….6 Boys and 4 Girls if you are wondering and my wife birthed each of them one at a time.  Anyway, this Blog Site was produced so that I could write down my thoughts on  daily basis, but also to put together some of what I think are the greatest theologians and preachers of all time and their thoughts along with my own ramblings.  You can simply go to one place and research for hours on hundreds of subjects.  I have been to all the sources I include on the right hand side of this site.  In my devotion to my family, I wanted to make sure I can give accurate biblical advice to my children.  By studying deeply into God’s word and comparing it to what my mentors of the past have said about helps me to grow in my walk with Christ.  This increases the devotion I have for my God, which spills over in a deep devotion for my family and friends. 

In 2 Chronicles 6:14 it tells us:

“…there is no God like you in all of heaven and earth.  You keep your covenant and show unfailing love to all who walk before you in wholehearted devotion.”

His unfailing love for us should translate into a wholehearted devotion of our Lord.  This is the least our families deserve from their husbands and dads, don’t you think?  We must remember that our God is all knowing, all powerful, always has existed, always will exist, makes no mistakes, is loving, is kind, is generous, is forgiving, will judge, will discipline, is long-suffering, patient, merciful, counselor, the light of the world, creator, and much more.  I could go no for paragraphs about the attributes of God.  I think you get the picture though.  We serve an absolutely awesome God.

In my own life I have always been seeking a deeper devotion with my Lord.  It seemed like I never could grow to the point that I really wanted to dig that deeply.  However, in the past two to three years, circumstances that the Lord has lead me into have increased my desire to know Him more.  These circumstances were and in some cases still are difficult to go through.  The result is exactly what He intended…a deeper faith that has me thirsting for more of Him.  Part of this transformation is the bible based church He planted us in.  The pastor and men’s leader both preach and teach from God’s word.  It is not based on “feelings” or the “prosperity gospel”.  These men bring to us the richness of God’s word in truth.  It is the truth that also has created the desire to want to know more and more about my God. 

Gentleman, each us will react to crisis in our lives based on what we know and think about our God.  If we have kept our God in a tiny box until the day we think we need Him, our view in that time of crisis will be that our God is not big enough for the task.  On the other hand, though, if we have always known our God to vast, awesome and huge then no matter what crisis may come our way we will trust and know that the God we have encountered over the years can handle anything.  As a matter of fact He already knew this crisis was coming.  He allowed the crisis in our life and to further blow us away, He lead us directly into that crisis. 

“The same God that has lead us into this crisis is the same God that will lead us out of this crisis!”

Rest assure that we are not walking through anything that goes on in our lives alone.  Nothing catches God by surprise.  His mind is far beyond our comprehension.  It is in these moments of crisis that can last an hour or years that create either a well of devotion in us or a complete abandoning of our faith.  These are the times when we and our families find out if we are truly a child of God or simply an imitation follower of God.

So, do your really want to be a devoted dad?  I will encourage you to start reading and meditating on God’s holy word daily.  As it states in Deuteronomy 8:3 (NLT) when speaking of the Israelites

2 “Remember how the Lord your God led you through the wilderness for these forty years, humbling you and testing you to prove your character, and to find out whether or not you would obey his commands. 3 Yes, he humbled you by letting you go hungry and then feeding you with manna, a food previously unknown to you and your ancestors. He did it to teach you that people do not live by bread alone; rather, we live by every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord. 4 For all these forty years your clothes didn’t wear out, and your feet didn’t blister or swell.”

As it says here, we should live by every word that comes from the mouth of God.  So, unless we are spending that precious time in God’s word, how can we be a devoted dad?  It is impossible! 

Next, take time to out to pray about what God has revealed in His word.  I believe God speaks today through His written word.  So, if we are meditating constantly on His words rather than he newspaper or other secular books we can hear what God is saying to us.  Ever wanted clear direction..this is how we can receive direction.  This will change our perspective as we pray.  It is amazing how small our crisis will become when we spend some time reading and pondering on the scriptures….God dwarfs the crisis in just this way.   

Matthew 11:28 (NLT)

28Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.”

This is not for discussion.  Jesus says to bring our burdens to Him.  His word will encourage us, fill us, and spread His love upon us.  The load we carry as dads and husbands is greater than it has ever been, but Jesus did not specify, He simply told us to bring them to Him.  He understands that we cannot carry these loads.  He understands we are always on the brink of loosing it mentally.  This is why He wants to carry these loads, so we can stay devoted to Him and devoted to our families.

Finally, guys I want to tell you that after these two actions, spend time with your wife first and your children.  Make that time for them.  They all want the man God placed in their life to spend quality time with them.  They do not care one bit if you are making a bunch of money, driving a nice vehicle, moving up the corporate ladder, and anything else.  Your family, men, want you.  They want to know what God is speaking to you on a daily basis.  They want to experience you on a physical and mental level…not via phone or email all the time.  The kids need to be able to touch their dads face, smell his after-shave, experience his loving touches….they need you and I in the flesh.  Our wives, they need our encouragement, to speak with them about what is on our hearts, and minds.  They, too, want to smell us, feel us, and have us there to sleep with at night.  This will finish out the creation of a devoted dad. 

How Not to Be a Strict Father

Consistent discipline is essential to raising kids in the way that they should go. A father who does this will sometimes be called strict. Let me tell you what I don’t mean by a strict father. Strict fathers aren’t mean to their kids.  Strict fathers aren’t aloof from their kids.  Strict fathers are not distant from their kids.  Strict fathers aren’t harsh with their kids.  Strict fathers aren’t physically or verbally abusive to their kids.

On the contrary, appropriately strict fathers love their kids. Strict fathers are affectionate with their wives and children. Strict fathers praise their kids and emotionally support them. Strict fathers are in balance. They balance training and discipline with a host of positive qualities that give their kids a context of unconditional love and acceptance. 

–Steve Farrar

Steve Farrar is the author of ten books, including the best-sellers Point Man and Finishing Strong.  Learn more at SteveFarrar.com

The reality is, guys, that God wants to bring to the top some devoted dads that will brin Him honor and glory.  He would like to see some men that do not care how the world teaches their children, spoils their children or how the world reacts to crisis…men willing to make sacrifices.  God wants men that want to do the right thing always.  Men that will spend time with Him and obey His calling upon their lives.  To be a devoted dad is not easy, but it is the most rewarding part of our lives next to spending eternity with Christ.  In the end what a legacy we can leave our children and grand-children…you know in truth how I have glorified my heavenly Father once I am gone from this earth means more to me than all the money and success this world can offer.

-Scott Bailey (c) 2007

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