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-Great Books to Read…Continued!

Posted by Scott on October 12, 2007


Here is a continuation of books I have either read or have started reading.  There is many more great books out there that I have not come across yet, but rest assured I will.  I am a book-a-holic….this is how I have educated myself in many things. 

-Answers to Prayer by George Mueller ctmfa4ca3cmi6xcah97ci0ca5ap8hoca76t0eocavharlbcavprcl5caimp2gucan4pszncaq8315kcaxehl6kcac2mx9dcax452qxca35pux1cabcqj5dca1j6yapca553j87caofgi2hcakrfl61.jpg

-Great Leaders of the Christian Church edited by John Woodbridge

-Understanding Man by Ray C. Stedman  exjnlmca5rky62ca9d8i4dcaf5m0xncarf3r1bcatx75h7ca3tzm8hcaimn9q6ca2pps4ycam2vfxmcafcvl30caej2f24cawcwgxtcagcks1ccawvpt3ucarwm5u3camo8dylcab5glvfca3exv33.jpg

-JOB by J. Vernon McGee

-Running with the Giants by John Maxwell

-Seasons of Life by Charles (Chuck) Swindoll 9n7uo5can2yyv7caufguq6cannc6adcam8m3dycayizchacatoafszca03eihycavbiqojca5zd3kscaa5p04oca62g5akca617pypcam0w411cay1h2mccajr2fqlcam1epnhcawdxgp3caeejeqh.jpg

-To Laugh Again by Charles Swindoll

-Series of Books on David, Joseph, Moses, & Elijah by Charles Swindoll

-Raising Modern Day Knight by Robert Lewis

-Adventuring with God & Study Guide by Charles Swindoll

-The Bible Lessons of John Quincy Adams for His Sons by Doug Phillips

-The Birkenhead Drill by Doug Phillips

-The Mystery of God’s Will by Charles Swindoll

-Folk Psalms of the Faith by Ray C. Stedman

-What on Earth’s Going to Happen by Ray C. Stedman

-Theodore Roosevelt on Leadership by James Strock

-Spurgeon & Sons by Skinner

-The Perfect Christian by Tony Evans

-God in You by David Jeremiah

-How Now Shall We Live by Chuck Colson

-The Five Love Languages the Mens Addition by Gary Chapman

-The Dangerous Book for Boys by Iggulden & Iggulden

-Spugeon Sermon Series Vol 1-10 by Baker  wquptzcagp2nffcajcp771ca2y280nca3j299ncabxmj2ncaxxdn05ca5kyeh6ca2ub5udcawgyiuscaybyrnhcajq8mfecajl1qw2ca57kl3xcadkcudxcaw5sdmacamhjgr1cayq9y17ca360mge.jpg

-In the Prescence of My Enemy by Gracia Burnham & Dean Merrill

-Waking the Dead by John Eldredge  1z72nqca4397a5ca59swqvcawfqepocais6f8tca9imk25ca72qr6cca523x3qca2wjpdhca2dn8ktcapr5q00camjwvnvcauq51w6canylddmcab580eccafu4zovca9nb58hca7zt9r8cao0y0y8.jpg

As I read more great books I will pass those along!

-Scott Bailey (c) 2007

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